Pots and Pans
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What cookware is best for your kitchen? There is a bewildering array of pots and pans on offer: stainless steel saucepans, cast iron skillets, even 10-in-1 cookware systems that use layers of various materials. But do they deliver on their promises to help you reach culinary bliss? Listener Emily wants to know if the ones she's seen live up to the hype or are just marketing BS. What do all the materials do? What about cleaning them? And just what is the much-vaunted 'hot spot' that lights up at a certain temperature?! There are also lingering concerns about non-stick coatings. Are they safe? And what about the alternatives if you're not sure? Please do keep your suggestions coming of wonder products for me to investigate. If you’ve seen an ad, trend or wonder product promising to make you happier, healthier or greener and want to know if there’s any evidence behind it, then email us: [email protected] or you can send a voice note to our WhatsApp number: 07543 306807 Presenter: Greg Foot Producer: Simon Hoban
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