My guest has over 5 years experience in the freelance space and he is presently the virtual assistant to Olamide Towobola, the owner of Gigsnet. On this episode, he talk about everything you need to know about how to be a virtual assistant.
Published 04/20/22
Published 04/20/22
Five key lessons from Tyler Perry's life.
Published 04/19/22
My guest Olamide talked about her journey in copywriting, best copywriting books and courses to get, her mentors in copywriting space and how she get jobs.
Published 04/06/22
I shared the key strategies on how to maximize profits when selling to Nigerians. No doubt Nigerians are very special bread of people, you have to be extra smart when selling to them.
Published 03/24/22
I talked about how to mind your business as an employee and different ways to avoid the popular rat race which makes you live from paycheck to paycheck.
Published 03/02/22
A short review on Kevin's book, how he rose to fame and the lessons he learnt in the way to the top.
Published 02/27/22
Born a crime by Trevor Noah
Published 01/21/22
My guest, Doyin wears may caps. She talked about financial freedom, multiple sources of income for young people, affiliate marketing stocks and lots more. You can send Doyin a DM on Twitter @doyinsola_toye. My Twitter is @iam_oluwatosin. Let's connect on telegram here https://t.me/+iJIVwbZuL6lmNGRk
Published 01/07/22
My guest Seyi talked extensively on what audiobook publishing entails and how a beginner can start. To purchase her certificate in audiobook publishing click here https://selar.co/audiobookpub?affiliate=83qk. Send me your feedback @[email protected] or Twitter @iam_oluwatosinn
Published 12/25/21
A collection of 12 short stories about the woes different women faced in the hands of Lagos men.
Published 12/07/21
Stormed is a story about the lives of different belivers and the challenges (storm) the faced in life as well as hiw they overcame.
Published 12/01/21
As a result of some of the bad stories you read on the internet, you are probably afraid of getting married or getting into a relationship. On this episode I talked about how to have a healthy marriage and relationship just as you want it. To buy the book. https://selar.co/uwzs?affiliate=pwwl Follow me in Twitter @iam_oluwatosinn Email @ [email protected]
Published 10/27/21
On this episode, the talked about the different ways people advertise their business as well as the best form of advert for small businesses. For feedback, please send me an email on [email protected] or on Twitter @iam_oluwatosinn
Published 10/25/21
Before you quit your job to start a business, there are certain things you need to know. You need to know the wrong reasons for starting a business and how to decide the type of business to go into. All these and more I discussed on this episode. For feedback, pls send me an email on [email protected] or follow me on Twitter @ iam_oluwatosinn
Published 10/23/21
The author of SAJAMACO (a memoir about his boarding house experience in Nigeria) talked about what inspired him to write, the cycle of brutality by senior students to the junior ones and special message to the millennials and Gen Z.
Published 10/11/21
On this episode, I talked about the issue of "women as a weaker vessel" abd what it really means.
Published 09/28/21
Internet business is not easy. However, if you are persistent and you go through the right channel, you will make it quickly.
Published 09/12/21
How to read consistently and effectively
Published 08/30/21
An episode on love, sex, PTD, marriage and fairy tale.
Published 08/13/21
An story about four humans in search of cheese, overcoming fear and adapting to change.
Published 07/30/21
I shared money and investment lessons from this old but goldie book. What you have is yours to keep.
Published 07/20/21
21 reasons why you are not yet a millionaire and what to do about.
Published 07/12/21
A detailed book on God's requirements for believers on beauty and weightier issues
Published 07/03/21
A story about a single mother, based in Zimbabwe and a rich young man.
Published 04/26/21