Workout: Healthy Communication
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From time to time, we all have disagreements with those we care about most. In this episode, learn powerful approaches to overcome challenging conversations with loved ones, so that everyone leaves the experience feeling heard, understood, and cared for. "We think we’re fighting about ‘things’, but what we’re really chasing is the feeling after resolution. ‘Really what I want to feel is, more connection to you.’ ‘Really what I want to feel is that this thing is decided and that we don’t have to argue about it anymore.’” If you’d like to be prepared for your next confrontation with healthy communication strategies, this episode is for you! 1. Get the GrowthDay app for all your personal development in one place: 2. Read my bestselling book, High Performance Habits: 3. Get the High Performance System online (the full course and assessment!): 4. Get the Confidence Masterclass: 5. Follow me on Instagram:
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