China: the world's biggest polluter is undergoing a renewable revolution
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With the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference underway in Dubai, the world’s focus is once again turning to whether we’re doing enough to tackle global warming. China is the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter, but the country is also making strides towards hitting 2030 climate targets. In this episode of The Briefing Katrina Blowers speaks with Dr Michal Meidan, head of China energy research at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies about just what China is doing about climate change, and it might be more than you think.   Headlines: Nowhere is safe in Gaza after fighting resumed A third immigration detainee has reoffended   Brittany Higgins had her final day in the witness box   Telstra to pay $24 million for overcharging customers    Follow The Briefing:Instagram: @thebriefingpodcast Facebook: TheBriefingNewsAUTwitter: @TheBriefingAU     See for privacy information.
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