Why Neil the 600kg elephant seal decided to invade human habitat
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Last month, a 600-kilogram seal made himself at home in front of a woman’s car in Tasmania’s south, giving her the best excuse not to go to work. Affectionately known as Neil, the elephant seal routinely causes havoc when he comes back to the coast. And this isn't the only example of how urbanisation has necessitated changes in the behaviour of the animals around us - just think of the rebranding of the majestic ibis to the 'bin chicken', known for roaming our streets and raiding our rubbish. In this extra episode of The Briefing, we speak with LiSTNR journalist Tessa Randello to get the scoop on a Tasmanian icon 'Neil the Seal'. You'll also hear Sean Dooley from Bird Life Australia, who explains the effect we've had on the behaviour of the ibis. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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