Alfa Romeo vs. Tesla: Fixing the modern car — The Carmudgeon Show — Ep. 18
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Derek finally drove two modern sedans, the Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio and the Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Performance. They both blew his mind, but he only wants one for himself. That said, he thinks everyone else should buy the other. In this episode, Jason...
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Published 04/19/22
First off, BIG NEWS! The Carmudgeon Show is getting its own channel thanks to the Hagerty Podcast Network. Visit to subscribe to the new channel. Now back to the last episode from ISSIMI. Who are Porsche’s customers? Old white guys who drive 911s? Yes....
Published 04/19/22
#modelsplaid #rivianr1t #corvettezr1 #hondansx #300sel63 Is the Model S Plaid in fact under-braked? Does the off-road competency of the Rivian R1T matter for its market success? In this episode, Jason Cammisa and Derek Tam-Scott discuss the questions of the month relating to two of the most...
Published 11/24/21