Newbie | Playing Cards
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It’s hard to keep that poker face when you face your Mandarin speaking opponents, tongue-tied. So, before you sit down to a card game, listen to this podcast on playing cards. Learn to invite some pals to put their money where their mouths are…in Mandarin Chinese. Episode link:
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In this newbie lesson, we're going to show you how to ask for directions in Chinese, as well as how to say all the different directions, let's get started! Episode link:
Published 09/20/21
Not that we ever had friends calling our name from outside asking us to join the “cool kids” and play, but with our “cool listeners only” rule firmly in effect, we thought we’d teach you. In this podcast, Jenny brings back fond childhood memories while at the same time, peeling back the scab of...
Published 09/17/21
In this Newbie lesson, Joe and Joy will show us a catchy slogan which would come in handy when you’re crossing the streets, and we’re also going to learn some vocabulary about traffic lights and transportation! Fasten your seat belt and check out this video! Episode link:...
Published 09/15/21