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In this Nephrology Rafael Medina Subspecialty episode, Dr. Maddie Abrams  presents a case to Dr. Jai Radhakrishnan of a 28 year old woman presenting with headache and blurry vision. Session facilitator: Şeyma Yıldırım  The goal of this session is to expand access to subspecialty, primary care,...
Published 06/18/24
Episode 339: Neurology VMR – left facial numbness for 5 days We continue our campaign to #EndNeurophobia, with the help of Dr. Aaron Berkowitz. This time, Aye presents a case of left facial numbness for 5 days to Andrea and Sridhara. Neurology DDx Schema Aye Chan Moe Thant Aye graduated from...
Published 06/08/24
Title  – A Brain Mass   Episode description Reza, Aaron and Rabih discuss a case of a patient with a brain mass Student discount IMG discount Use coupon code RLRIMG at check out
Published 06/03/24