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In this episode of WDx, Dr Rebecca Berger joins Kara, Jane, & Sharmin to discuss a clinical unknown. Presented by Kara, the case starts with a young woman presenting with chronic isolated thrombocytopenia. Dr. Rebecca Berger Rebecca is an academic hospitalist and assistant professor of...
Published 05/25/23
RR dedicate this episode to our beloved Rafa Medina.  Rafa’s GoFundMe page.  
Published 05/17/23
Maddy Conte and Seyma Yildirim introduce a new series on the podcast: “The Rafael Medina Subspecialty Series,” which will always be in loving memory of our dear friend and CPSolvers family member, Dr. Rafael Medina. Rafa presents a nephrology clinical unknown to Drs. Ashita Tolwani and Mustafa...
Published 05/11/23