What does coffee and professional wrestling have in common? You'll have to listen to find out. Reach us at TheCoffeePodcast.com
Published 04/05/21
What value is there if we pour resources into scientific research for coffee and don't connect the dots to the consumer? James Hoffmann believes there has been a long-standing gap that needs to be closed. That and more in this finale episode in the Coffee Science Series. Contact us at TheCoffeePodcast.com
Published 03/15/21
A few words about this week's episode and what is coming next week. Contact us at TheCoffeePodcast.com
Published 03/08/21
Dr. Bill Ristenpart is the Founding Director of the Coffee Center at UC Davis in California. In this episode we learn about how to brew better coffee at home with the cutting edge in coffee brewing science. Get your notepad ready because we dive into some more complex chemistry terms in this episode. Reach us at TheCoffeePodcast.com
Published 03/01/21
What is in my coffee on a molecular level? Why do I like certain coffees and not others? These are questions related to the scientific field of sensory science. Join us as we discuss what is in our cup and how it impacts our senses with guests and scientists Mackenzie Batali and Andrew Cotter of UC Davis.
Published 02/22/21
This episode is a one and one. One conversation about coffee data and the importance of accessibility and another on coffee data and digitalization. Reach us at TheCoffeePodcast.com
Published 02/15/21
Part of the definition of the scientific method involves collecting data. But what is data and what is its role in the bigger picture of coffee science? Contact us at TheCoffeePodcast.com
Published 02/08/21
Marisa Silver is a Registered Dietician in New York City. Coffee is a regular part of her discussions with clients and this episode shares some of her major pointers for how coffee might fit into your diet. Contact us at TheCoffeePodcast.com
Published 02/01/21
How important is your liver to your body? How important is coffee for your liver? In this episode, you may also become a believer when it comes to coffee, your liver, and your health. Contact us at TheCoffeePodcast.org
Published 01/25/21
Health claims for food things are at the center of many friendly arguments about what we should or should not consume. What does scientific research have to say about coffee and its impact on a coffee drinker's health? Contact us at TheCoffeePodcast.com
Published 01/18/21
What is coffee fermentation and what role might it play in coffee science and low hanging fruit for producers? This and more with fermentation expert Lucia Solis of Luxia Coffee Solutions.
Published 01/11/21
The cost of agricultural science is high and there is an urgency for solutions due to immediate challenges facing coffee producers worldwide. Learn about the "paradox in coffee" and how coffee research can offer more than long-term and high-cost solutions.
Published 12/28/20
What is "wild coffee" and what role does it play in the bigger picture concerning coffee science and the future of coffee? Visit our website at TheCoffeePodcast.com
Published 12/21/20
What good is research without application? Join me as we talk with Emilia Umaña, an Agronomist at World Coffee Research. We dive into the topic of the seed sector and talk about her concerns and what she has learned to be the concerns of the coffee farmers around her. This episode is sponsored by Ember. Learn more at www.TheCoffeePodcast.com 
Published 12/14/20
We like to say the phrase, "from seed to cup," but how often do we pause on the details of the seed sector? I've been doing this a while, and I can tell you the seed sector has not been a popular conversation in coffee. Scientific research in the seed sector plays a major role in the future of coffee. Find out how in this episode. This episode is sponsored by Ember. Find episode links and more on TheCoffeePodcast.com
Published 12/07/20
We recently had a conversation with scientists in coffee about research generally. Now we dive into our first major topic, "Coffee Agricultural Research & Development" with World Coffee Research CEO Vern Long. This episode is sponsored by Crem, a Welbilt brand. Find out more about The Coffee Podcast at thecoffeepodcast.com
Published 11/30/20
Last episode we discussed the question, "What is coffee science?" In this episode we dive into the fundamentals of research with Dr. Jennifer Ferreira and Dr. Jonathan Morris. This episode is sponsored by Ember. Use the code COFFEEPOD for 10% on their website at ember.com Find out more about The Coffee Podcast at thecoffeepodcast.com
Published 11/23/20
Sure, we could jump into the conversation about sensory science or agricultural science, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. We need some context for the conversation. What is coffee science? What are some fundamental concepts we should get right before we jump into this 12-part series on coffee science? Join me with scientist Jeremy Nelson of Socratic coffee as we break the ice in this conversation. This episode is sponsored by Crem, a Welbilt brand. Find out more about The Coffee Podcast...
Published 11/16/20
Phyllis Johnson has overcome many obstacles in her life as a Black woman in the coffee sector. In this episode, she shares stories of her youth, her professional growth, and what she hopes for the future of the coffee sector as a whole with regard to racial equity.
Published 07/03/20
A conversation with black coffee professionals and enthusiasts regarding how racism plays out in the coffee sector. (Edit: I made a grave error and misspoke George Floyd's name at the beginning of the original episode. I have since corrected this mistake and I am very sorry for this oversight.)
Published 06/05/20
COVID-19 has had major implications for coffee people around the globe. This episode hands the microphone off to coffee people from Mexico, India, Slovakia, and the UK. Is there a way for coffee people to creatively overcome these unprecedented times? References Professor Jonathan Morris: Books — UKFind his books at the following links:UK - http://www.reaktionbooks.co.uk/display.asp?ISB=9781789140026 US - https://www.press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/distributed/C/bo31238025.html Binny...
Published 04/10/20
While, whether or not the finale of the current coffee price crisis has arrived, it is certain that the affects of an ongoing volatile coffee market are detrimental to the future of coffee. What are practical steps we can take as coffee people to ensure a better future for coffee people and coffee itself? Sign the Commitment! Change.org — I Will Coffee 2020 References Keys to the Shop — Chris Defario — Website Filter Stories — James Harper — Website Kaffeesahne der Kaffeewelt — Anna trifft...
Published 12/16/19
Is it possible to remove the human element from the Coffee Price Crisis discussion? CEO Roberto Velez of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation has a strong belief on this topic. Join us as we learn what the crisis means for the federation and Colombian coffee growers.
Published 12/09/19
Thank you! You are going to think it is corny, and maybe it is, but I am being so serious.
Published 12/02/19
A short episode closing up our conversation with Heather Perry and honing in on some real-talk and listener responses to the series and the content within it.
Published 11/25/19