480: College Applications Series: Education
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We are continuing with our shorter summer episodes and with Megan’s series highlighting the components of the typical college application. Today’s topic: the education section. The education section of college applications is very factual, but there are a few places where mistakes can be made. The current year course schedule (Senior courses) that colleges request can speak volumes about an applicant’s academic goals. Megan gives a reminder about how to capture all the credits you have earned and what sticky spots to avoid. If you are curious to see what a college application looks like these days, you can find a PDF of the Common App HERE.
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Published 11/27/23
How can you add value to your college application? It feels like everyone is starting a non-profit–it’s the new “it” item for college admissions–but is it? Megan shares her experience with creating an application that is more informative, useful, and strategic than simply writing that you have...
Published 11/27/23
Gretchen Wegner comes back for EPISODE 500!! She challenges Megan and Erin to think about the people they need on their team and how we can help students understand that “asking for support” is an important part of their success. Gretchen also shares an update as to what she has been up to and...
Published 11/20/23