Erin took a deep dive into the world of checklists. * What makes a good checklist? * What leads to success of using a checklist? * What components does the checklist need? Human Factors of Fight-Deck Checklists: The Normal Checklist – Degani and Wiener: https://ntrs.nasa.gov/citations/19910017830 The Checklist Manifesto – Atul Gawande: https://www.amazon.com/Checklist-Manifesto-How-Things-Right/dp/0312430000 Under Pressure – Gareth Lock:...
Published 05/22/23
Published 05/22/23
Students have strong opinions about talking to their teachers. That makes sense since it can be intimidating. Megan and Erin discuss why you should talk to you teachers, when you should talk to them, and how to do it! And if you have a grumpy teacher, they share tips for preparing for that conversation. Talk to your teachers! Here’s how. And here’s the book Erin mentions:
Published 05/15/23
It’s nearly the end of the school year! Megan and Erin have broken down the things that students and families should do over the summer. Heck, sometimes they even disagree! Listen to hear their suggestions about summer assignments, housekeeping tasks, exploring interests, and even how civic engagment can even be a family task.
Published 05/08/23
Megan has noticed that students have gaps in their math knowledge, even when they are getting tutoring. * What should parents look for? * How can students improve their math skills? Erin reflects on her time as a math teacher and provides some tips for numerical literacy and how to avoid simple math mistakes.
Published 05/01/23
Erin always talks about enjoying rather than managing your child and Megan wants to know how to actually do that! Erin provides strategies for talking to your kids as an anxious problem-solving parent and Megan shares some real-world examples of stepping back in the management of her teenage son. Resources: How to Raise an Adult Ross Greene Collaborative and Proactive Solutions
Published 04/24/23
Megan and Erin have college admissions results coming in and they share what they are noticing. What has worked and what hasn’t? What strategies do they have for minimizing unwanted impacts? How has the push for test-optional schools changed the application process? We dig into the admissions results we are seeing and attempt to help clarify what families could do to be most successful in the college-search process.
Published 04/17/23
Megan tackles some of the honest College Prep answers that families don’t want to hear. Sometimes, tough love is the answer and here are all of the things people ask that Megan winces before answering. Erin asks about whether to send subpar test results to schools. This episode is full of questions that people don’t want to know the answers to. Sorry in advance. Episode 466: Should We Rate Schools Like Ski Slopes...
Published 04/10/23
Erin wonders why so many students are reluctant to consider single-sex institutions. She shares a little of the background of the Seven Sisters and her experience at a women’s-only college. Megan and Erin try to dispel some myths and compare it to a Greek system. Who is a single-sex institution a good choice for?
Published 04/03/23
Megan and Erin chat about the verbiage of college (again) but with a suggestion from a parent on terminology. There is a powerful discussion about how to choose which of the colleges you are accepted into and Erin shares an article from Malcolm Gladwell about choosing the right college. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2005/10/10/getting-in
Published 03/27/23
A parent Erin works with was asking for clarity about the alphabet soup of acronyms for the various types of college applications. Megan breaks down her strategy for when to apply to schools and how to build momentum as the college apps threaten to consume students’ lives over break. Do YOU know the difference between ED and EA? Now is your chance to find out!
Published 03/20/23
A parent, Elisa, wonders about GPAs–what is weighted versus unweighted? How much do they matter in the college admissions process? Megan shares her best advice for choosing a course of study to make you attractive to colleges while Erin encourages those who might have made a few mistakes already to salvage their GPAs.
Published 03/13/23
We hear from Susan, a parent who, after the rigamarole of homeschool college applications, had a few questions and some tips for other parents. When should students enroll in a program outside of homeschooling? How do colleges look at GPAs and transcripts? Should homeschoolers take the SAT/ACT even for test optional schools? Megan and Erin tackle all things homeschooling! A website/blog Susan used heavily in learning as homeschool parent throughout the college application process:...
Published 03/06/23
A parent wonders, “how to pick a major for students who desire professional certifications.” Megan shares that not all colleges handle majors the same and provides a few tips on choosing a major. Want to be pre-law, pre-med, engineering, or other specific major? Then this is the episode for you!
Published 02/27/23
Erin shares how her student, Victoria, is whittling down her college list and how some of the terminology can really change our feelings about the various schools. Words like “safety,” “target,” “reach,” and other words that Megan would like to kick out of the college dictionary. Along with healthier ways to talk about college, Megan and Erin cover how many schools to apply to, whether you should go to the highest-ranked school you get into, and a few other “choosing the right...
Published 02/20/23
Guest expert Jane Gabin joins Megan to discuss the issue of part time versus tenured faculty. This issue goes beyond the staffing policies of universities and can affect your experience as a student. Jane explains * the problem, * how it can impact students, and * how families can research this issue while searching for the perfect college.  You can search for the schools on your list using “Common Data Set + school name”. You can contact Jane...
Published 02/13/23
A listener writes in with some financial advice and Megan and Erin talk all things money! * How do you get scholarships? * What does Megan tell families about choosing schools? * What general money advice have you been given before? * What would Erin do differently if she had a time machine? This episode wants everyone to think about their future selves and how to set yourself (and your family) up for financial success. Links to info...
Published 02/06/23
The listeners ask whether college is about getting a job or being a well-rounded human (Liberal Arts education). Megan and Erin debate the topic with a little help from a listener that wrote in about her experience. So, what is the point of college anyway? You might want to check out these resources: * What Will They Learn college-ranking website: whatwilltheylearn.com * What’s the Purpose of College (Forbes):...
Published 01/31/23
Megan and Erin answer a parent question today about service opportunities and where to find them (even with a busy schedule). Erin gives her top three places to look for meaningful experiences and Megan shares a few opportunities that have been great for her kids. Let us know where you chose to volunteer!
Published 01/23/23
Megan has been hearing students (and her son) say that they “have so much work to do” and that things are “so hard.” How can we help students reframe their thinking? Erin gives a mini-primer of Growth Mindset and encourages “the power of yet!” Plus, we cover the dreaded math block and give some strategies for getting out the “this is so hard” slump.
Published 01/16/23
Yes, you read that right, there is a new SAT coming and Megan helps answer all of the questions about what has been announced thus far: * Why is the College Board changing the test? * What’s the timeline? * Who will be affected? * What will the new test look like? Erin and Megan also discuss some of the potential challeges with the new testing format and share what you need to know to make an informed choice.
Published 01/09/23
We kick off the new year with advice we were given and want to hear yours! * What is the best advice you have ever recieved? * What advice did you really learn from? * What advice would you give to others? Erin talks about a study she read and wonders – how do you get others to take your “good advice?” Link to researcher Lauren Eskreis-Winkler’s question: Why is it that we typically don’t use the advice that other people give to us?...
Published 01/02/23
Catch up with the team and hear how Megan, Gretchen, and Erin are wrapping up this year and what they are looking forward to next year. Gretchen shares about her new business venture for educators, Megan gives some advice about the upcoming new SAT, and Erin tries to finish all of the things on her multiple “to do” lists. Join us for a fun wrap-up, an exciting look ahead, and find out why Megan’s house can be spotted from the ISS. And here are the pictures we promised in the...
Published 12/26/22
Once called Junior Colleges, community colleges are local educational institutions that offer a variety of programs with easy access, but the stigma of community colleges has kept students from considering them in their college journey. Hear Erin completely nerd out about community and technical colleges, Phi Theta Kappa, and the opportunities and access that these modern-day institutions offer.
Published 12/20/22
Multiple choice tests have been both a frustration and a celebration for students–they think it wil be easy and them feel overwhelmed by the choices. * How do you know which answer is more right? * What are some test strategies to help you know what to choose? * And is “C” always the go-to option? Plus, we share some SAT upcoming changes in 2024 and what Megan and her son plan to do with the switch.
Published 12/12/22