Megan has been hearing students (and her son) say that they “have so much work to do” and that things are “so hard.” How can we help students reframe their thinking? Erin gives a mini-primer of Growth Mindset and encourages “the power of yet!” Plus, we cover the dreaded math block and give some strategies for getting out the “this is so hard” slump.
Published 01/16/23
Yes, you read that right, there is a new SAT coming and Megan helps answer all of the questions about what has been announced thus far: * Why is the College Board changing the test? * What’s the timeline? * Who will be affected? * What will the new test look like? Erin and Megan also discuss some of the potential challeges with the new testing format and share what you need to know to make an informed choice.
Published 01/09/23
We kick off the new year with advice we were given and want to hear yours! * What is the best advice you have ever recieved? * What advice did you really learn from? * What advice would you give to others? Erin talks about a study she read and wonders – how do you get others to take your “good advice?” Link to researcher Lauren Eskreis-Winkler’s question: Why is it that we typically don’t use the advice that other people give to us?...
Published 01/02/23
Catch up with the team and hear how Megan, Gretchen, and Erin are wrapping up this year and what they are looking forward to next year. Gretchen shares about her new business venture for educators, Megan gives some advice about the upcoming new SAT, and Erin tries to finish all of the things on her multiple “to do” lists. Join us for a fun wrap-up, an exciting look ahead, and find out why Megan’s house can be spotted from the ISS. And here are the pictures we promised in the...
Published 12/26/22
Once called Junior Colleges, community colleges are local educational institutions that offer a variety of programs with easy access, but the stigma of community colleges has kept students from considering them in their college journey. Hear Erin completely nerd out about community and technical colleges, Phi Theta Kappa, and the opportunities and access that these modern-day institutions offer.
Published 12/20/22
Multiple choice tests have been both a frustration and a celebration for students–they think it wil be easy and them feel overwhelmed by the choices. * How do you know which answer is more right? * What are some test strategies to help you know what to choose? * And is “C” always the go-to option? Plus, we share some SAT upcoming changes in 2024 and what Megan and her son plan to do with the switch.
Published 12/12/22
It’s December and that means it is all about tests–final exams and SAT/ACT planning for juniors. Some seniors are hearing back from colleges while others are working on their final push to complete applications. Megan asks Erin about some study tips for finals and what students can do to “save the term” and finish strongly (and strategically). Erin also shares a few things students can do over break to prepare for the upcoming term while Megan encourages students to think even...
Published 12/05/22
Rejection can hurt and leave us wondering “why?” Megan covers some of the reasons a college might say no to a student. Erin and Megan also discuss how many colleges to apply to and how to strategize when applying to get colleges to see your value and (hopefully) accept you.
Published 11/28/22
We’ve all heard that colleges want to see involved students who show academic readiness by completing a rigorous high school program. But do colleges prefer depth– specializing in fields like STEM or humanities, focusing on one or two extracurriculars, or taking one world language for four years? Or do colleges want to see breadth– a range of academic subjects, multiple activities, an extensive resume, and a range of interests? Megan and Erin discuss the question of depth...
Published 11/21/22
College rankings have been in the news again. Columbia University fell from #2 to #18 after lying about student data. Rankings are flawed and rarely reflect families’ college priorities, but they captivate audiences and continue to drive admission decisions at colleges and universities. What’s more important is the effect rankings have on students. Megan and Gretchen discuss how rankings hurt students. They consider a variety of factors: * Rankings mislead families by...
Published 11/14/22
The month of November is deceptively calm for some students, but there are still college planning and academic tasks to complete. Tune in to find out how students can work this month to make the end of the semester much easier.
Published 11/07/22
Many students struggle with procrastination–sometimes for surprising reasons. Erin Wilson of Seattle Success Coaching shares the 5 primary reasons students procrastinate and multiple strategies to get past your desire to put off tasks. There might also be times when procrastination isn’t bad and could be helpful.
Published 10/31/22
This episode originally aired in September 2017. Most admission disappointment start now, with families who don’t take time to create the right college list. Listen in as Megan walks you through the 6 kinds of schools you should definitely apply to, to make sure that you get into a college that is right for you. She shares: * The top mistakes families make when compiling their own college list.* The six kinds of schools that should be on your list including: 1. the most...
Published 10/24/22
Essays can be a key factor in successful college applications. Guest co-host Erin Wilson asks some of the most frequent questions she’s hear from students. * Which topics are overdone? * Should you disclose a disability? * Should the essay focus on your future or your past? * How many people should help you edit? Megan discusses the answers to these questions and adds some of her strategies for writing successful college admissions essays.
Published 10/17/22
Hopefully you’ve settled into this semester! October is a good time to identify academic weaknesses and make plans for improvement. Gretchen offers strategies for families and teachers to assess progress and work on better habits and grades while there is still plenty of time left in the semester. October is also the month that high school seniors should be working on college applications and submitting the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) which can be done at...
Published 10/10/22
College orientation is not usually a factor students and parents consider when choosing what colleges to apply to, but it should be! Megan walks us through what makes for a good orientation, the power of meaningful connections as soon as you hit campus, how to find out if your prospective colleges have a solid orientation, and how to DIY it if you need to take matters into your own hands. This episode also provides a great checklist for academic coaches to use as they help their clients...
Published 10/04/22
We are draining our brains of much needed energy and attention, thanks to social media and the way new communication technologies work. Tune in to discuss a single act that all families can do to help preserve parents’ and students’ ability take control of their attention, have more energy, and likely be happier too. This episode originally aired as #180 on October 2, 2017.
Published 09/26/22
What should students focus on first this semester, to get things started off right? Megan gets some personal coaching from Gretchen about how to help her son get into better gear this year, and we also discuss how to help students track their habits, and what kinds of classroom routines teachers can provide to help students plan. We also touch on how to build study skills into classroom routines, and Gretchen provides a short refresher of her celebrated Study Cycle model.
Published 09/19/22
What can families and educators be considering as we slide into September? Megan and Gretchen share a short checklist of important tasks to consider related to college admissions, academic skill development and classroom routines, as we all try to build momentum for our best school year ever.
Published 09/12/22
We love student questions! Yvonne wrote in concerned that she doesn’t have enough rigor in her high school schedule, and wanted to know what to do about it. Megan walks us through how to think about “rigor” in high school, and gives some recommendations to Yvonne for what to do next. Here’s her exact question: My name is Yvonne and I love your podcast. I truly find it very educational, insightful, and most importantly, entertaining. I really appreciate your efforts.  As...
Published 09/05/22
Gretchen’s former client Tatiana had a bumpy transition into college and quickly dropped out. Tune in to hear her tell her own story and learn how she went from despair to elation, eventually transferring to her dream university. This episode first aired on September 30, 2019 as episode # 284.
Published 08/29/22
Megan and Gretchen catch up, sharing stories about their epic adventures this summer– including international travel, new experiences, and family updates. They also look ahead to what exciting things are coming for the fall. Gretchen has big plans for the next couple years in her business. Megan is getting ready to start another season of SAT and ACT preparation with students.
Published 08/22/22
August means back to school for many students. Even if you don’t return to school until September, there are some planning issues you may want to work through now. Gretchen shares what she considers key issues for academic planning in the month of August. On the college admission side of things, August signifies the start of application season. High school seniors can begin submitting applications this month. Juniors should take time to plan for standardized admissions tests like the...
Published 08/15/22
Over the years, Megan has tried a lot of approaches to helping students choose careers and college majors, but she still doesn’t feel there is an ideal approach. In this summer episode, she and Gretchen outline what they do know about how to help students reflect about future careers, and where they still feel off.
Published 08/08/22
This summer Gretchen is unpacking 9 totally valid cognitive challenges that she wishes she’d known more about earlier in her career. Today we look at the limitations of selective attention and the constraints of mental effort and selective attention. To download the full list of nine barriers to student learning, go to www.gretchenwegner.com/challenges
Published 08/01/22