Are You Addicted to Social Media?
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I wanna ask you, do you think you are addicted to social media? Are you ALWAYS on your phone?  Are you always scrolling and scrolling and never getting the things you want to do, done?  Do you take your phone to BED with you? Is it the first thing you look at when you wake up in the morning? This is not a podcast about social media being bad or negative - I built my whole business on social media and I LOVE it, okay? - but I want to share with you some knowledge I recently found out about HOW we are USING social media and what we need to do about it.  I cover:  Why it’s not as simple as just ‘taking responsibility’ for being addicted to social media The THREE things we need to become aware of so we can use social media the right wayHow to set a better example for the next generation and build HEALTHY habits with our phones! … and so much more  WHERE TO CONNECT WITH ME: Come say hello on Instagram!  @thequeenofconfidenceCheck out the Website here RESOURCES Download your Creating Confidence Cheat Sheet here
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