Published 11/28/21
First up today is an interview with Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist. She’s got a new book called “Rigged” about how the media, big tech and Democrats meddled in the 2020 election. Next, Ron Johnson talking with me about Kenosha, Waukesha and the state of the country. Finally, Margot Cleveland on a Pennsylvania election whistleblower, and also on defamation law in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse.
Published 11/28/21
There are no winners and losers in the Kyle Rittenhouse story, despite being defamed by the leftist media.
Published 11/27/21
You'll hear the way the verdict of Kyle Rittenhouse came down live on the radio. Next Jenna Ellis, who predicted exactly what would happen, breaks down why from her view as an expert on the law. Next was Sean Duffy, Wisconsin native and former prosecutor on the verdict and and how all this is effecting his whole state. Then Sean Davis of the Federalist breaks down the reaction of the media and the social justice warriors and how it effects the country.
Published 11/26/21
An interview with Bill O’Reilly who talked about a great event he’s going to have with President Trump, as well as discussing the latest news out of Wisconsin. Next, Brian Kilmeade came on to talk about his new book the President and the Freedom Fighter, and Brian gives a passionate opinion about race in America. Finally, we talked with a person who wrote one of the great inspirational books of my life, The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel.
Published 11/25/21
The White House really stepped in it. They made their dumbest comment yet. In this episode, I address the controversy. I also address the attempted media coverup of the Waukesha attack.  News Picks: The Daily Yeast gets REKT trying to cover for Darrell Brooks. Debunking the “fine people” hoax, again!  Media hacks are attacking Andy Ngo for exposing the alleged perpetrator of the Waukesha attack. Devin Nunes wins big. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
Published 11/24/21
In this episode I address the explosive Kyle Rittenhouse interview last night on Fox.  News Picks: Biden lies, all the time. Here’s the evidence.  Squad member Rashida Talib humiliates herself in an interview with Axios. Biden is clearly lying about the massive cost of his new spending bill.  Please read the story of American hero Alwyn Cashe. Get used to the heat in the kitchen. Another fake news story about Waukesha debunked.  Disturbing video emerges out of Pennsylvania about the...
Published 11/23/21
Kyle Rittenhouse must sue every media hack who pumped misinformation out about him. In this episode, I address the scandal and the disturbing Waukesha parade incident.  News Picks: Tragedy in Wisconsin, as multiple deaths reported when a driver plows into a parade route.  Democrats continue to lie about the facts in the Rittenhouse case. The Rittenhouse verdict is only surprising if you’re a liberal. Ten debunked lies about the Rittenhouse case. Where are the “fact-checkers” in the...
Published 11/22/21
Why don't we understand each other?
Published 11/20/21
Incredible! More malfeasance by the prosecutor in the Rittenhouse case. In this episode I address the latest scandal.  News Picks: More stunning malfeasance from the Rittenhouse prosecutors. When are those Pulitzer Prizes for the pee-pee hoax going to be revoked?  Is the Biden team pushing Kamala Harris out? Biden lied again. The CBO admits Biden’s disastrous spending plan will cost us a fortune. AOC humiliates herself, yet again.  Yes, you’re taxes are going up. Biden is lying...
Published 11/19/21
I can’t believe this happened in the Rittenhouse trial. The prosecution has completely collapsed. In this episode I address the new scandal.  News Picks: OSHA has suspended activities related to the garbage Biden vaccine mandate. Biden gets caught in another enormous lie.  Psaki ridiculously claims that no economist is predicting higher inflation from the massive spending bill.  Did Alec Baldwin intentionally fire the shot on the set of the movie “Rust”?  This insane liberal policy...
Published 11/18/21
Why are leftist thugs promoting violence in Kenosha as we await the Rittenhouse verdict? Watch the stunning videos we expose during the show.  News Picks: 2022 is looking apocalyptic for the Democrats. What! The FBI is monitoring parents at school boards?  What percentage of Democrats believe Rittenhouse shot a black man?  Half of liberals believe 1,000 or more unarmed black men were shot by police. A major update in the “whipgate” case. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
Published 11/17/21
The hapless prosecutor in the Rittenhouse trial gave away the whole game in this stunning moment from the trial yesterday. In this episode I address the lowlights, and the most outrageous moments.  News Picks: Politifact is a joke. Here’s why.  The cat lady exposed!  Biden is clearly lying about the cost of his “Build Back Worse” plan. Project Veritas gets an unlikely defender in their case against the outrageous DOJ raid. President Xi of China trolls Biden by calling him an “old...
Published 11/16/21
In this episode I address the fireworks during my interview with coward BLM activist Hawk Newsome. Don’t miss this.  News Picks: Joy Reid is the biggest fraud in media. Biden finally admits printing money causes inflation. What happens when all the media narratives collapse? It’s time for massive media corrections on Russia hoax.  Another hoax about our military, debunked. Twitter only had standards for conservatives.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
Published 11/15/21
An interview with Dave Portnoy, El Presidente of Barstool Sports. The leftist hack site Business Insider did a hit piece on Dave, and he says that none of it is true. He made his case last week on the show. Next is Shemeka Michelle. She’s a contributor to Jason Whitlock’s great podcast “Fearless” and she has an amazing story of awakening about rising up from extremely difficult circumstances, race, and who was on her side. Then, congressman Jim Jordan about his new book “Do What You Said You...
Published 11/14/21
The David Dinkins Moment is here.
Published 11/13/21
Another massive scandal is brewing that involves the FBI, the NY Times, and a prominent conservative organization.  In this episode I address the troubling details.  News Picks: Breaking: Federal judge demands FBI stop searching Project Veritas founder’s phone. BLM leader threatens violence if his juvenile wishes aren’t granted. Joe Biden is lying about his massive tax hikes, here’s the evidence.  Tax collections are at a record high, and so is our debt. “Investigative reporter” fails...
Published 11/12/21
The Rittenhouse trial blew up yesterday and the prosecutor destroyed his credibility. In this episode I address the real reasons he did what he did. I also address the inflation crisis.  News Picks: Inflation is eating away at your wages. Joe Manchin may stop the Biden pork spending bill. Liberal mask policies are a global embarrassment. The cat lady thinks makeup is racist.  Piers Morgan destroys Biden and Harris. Former Obama economic advisor shuts down a ridiculous argument by...
Published 11/11/21
The vaccine mandate tyrants are about to make a move on your kids. In this episode I address the controversy along with the explosive developments in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.  News Picks: CNN host is humiliated on her own show. The anti-science vaccine mandate could decimate the trucking industry.  Inflation is running wild.  Here’s a list of the worst states for taxes.  Are you ready to pay sky-high taxes? This is Biden’s most radical nominee yet.  Copyright Bongino Inc All...
Published 11/10/21
Tyrant Biden makes his most aggressive move yet against civil liberties. In this episode I address the new developments. I also address the FBI’s bizarre raid on this conservative reporter.  News Picks: Pete Buttigieg is lying about “racist” roads. The cat lady got booted from LinkedIn for harassment. What a tool.  Is the cat lady defrauding people?  Is the Biden administration making a list of gun owners to target? Why is FBI investigating the theft of a diary? Copyright Bongino...
Published 11/09/21
In this episode I address the troubling developments in the vaccine mandate scandal. I also address Biden’s insane reaction when he got caught lying about immigration. Also, the latest developments in the Russia hoax.  News Picks: What does the FBI have on Danchenko? Rachel Maddow is an intergalactic disgrace. The immoral vaccine mandates are coming for your kids next. A huge court victory against the unethical vaccine mandates. The FBI is now the law enforcement arm of the Democrat...
Published 11/08/21
Dan speaks with President Donald J. Trump.
Published 11/06/21
The Biden administration gave a double barreled middle finger to America yesterday with his bombshell announcement about vaccine mandates. In this episode, I address the scandal, along with the stunning indictment of this key player in the Spygate scandal.  News Picks: Another big indictment in the Spygate scandal. A flurry of lawsuits await Biden’s anti-science vaccine mandate. Joe Manchin will decide what the Biden spending bill looks like.  Are the media hacks about to get a massive...
Published 11/05/21
Biden’s comments about the vaccination yesterday should have every parent on high alert. In this episode I address the disturbing thing he said about your child and vaccines. I also cover the Democrat’s insistence on doubling down on racial politics.  News Picks: The writing is on the wall, Democrats are in trouble with Minority voters. The GOP is expanding the electoral map for 2022 after this week’s rout.  Why is China telling people to stockpile food?  This is one of the best...
Published 11/04/21
The liberal left was annihilated last night. In this episode I address the losses all over the country, who to thank for the losses, and what it means moving forward.  News Picks: How Glenn Youngkin did it. 2022 is looking bleak for Democrats. The Democrats’ election woes hit liberal NY City too. Concerns emerging about the J&J vaccine. Rumble moves it headquarters to Sarasota, Florida. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
Published 11/03/21