Zuckerbucks, George Soros And The “Movie Script” (Ep 1627)
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In this episode I address the role of George Soros in the continued attacks on Donald Trump. I also address the growing Zuckerberg/Facebook election interference scandal.  News Picks: Andrew McCabe gets his pension back, despite his role in numerous scandals. Christopher Steele is back! Biden’s Chief of Staff blows it again. Why is Mark Zuckerberg so involved in local elections? Another fake “socialist” actor shows his true colors. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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Disturbing video out of the UK showing what’s next if we don’t stop the covid mandate hysteria. I also address a ridiculous speech on the House floor by a member of the squad, which proves the left is bedrocked in dishonesty.  News Picks: Twitter does it again, as they add a ridiculous label...
Published 12/06/21
Published 12/06/21
The left’s body blows to freedom.
Published 12/04/21