Published 07/27/22
Can you figure out the clues?
Published 07/27/22
When a car bomb kills Daphne Caruana Galizia on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta, the hunt for her killers exposes secrets with consequences that go far beyond its shores. In the aftermath of her death an international team of journalists comes together to continue her work. Along the way they start to uncover clues that might lead to her killers. From Wondery, comes a new story about power, corruption and one woman’s fight for the truth. Hosted by investigative reporter Stephen...
Published 07/11/22
Introducing the true crime podcast Persona: The French Deception— the story of Gilbert Chikli, one of the greatest con artists of all time. What does it feel like to pick up the phone and scam someone out of $50 million? Host and award-winning journalist, Evan Ratliff, investigates how Chikli successfully duped some of the world’s most powerful people into handing over their fortunes. He explores how Chikli evaded the law for years and became a Robin Hood-like hero. More than just a tale of...
Published 06/20/22
Experience the treasure hunt that captivated the globe.
Published 06/06/22
Your guide to the Psychedelic Revolution.
Published 04/12/22
A small town in Appalachian Ohio is struck by a night of unspeakable violence.
Published 03/01/22
We all want love, that happily-ever-after feeling of finding your soulmate. What if someone not only claimed they could help you find that perfect partner, they guaranteed it? Jeff and Shaleia, a young couple famous on YouTube, teach about ‘Twin Flames' — a deep, romantic connection with your perfect partner in their videos. It’s divine love, you’re designed for no one else, and they’re designed for no one else. But the path to finding your Twin Flame isn’t so simple. Some followers claim...
Published 02/21/22
Exposing the greatest art crime in American history.
Published 02/01/22
The hunt for the Green River Killer.
Published 01/18/22
The history of the island of Manhattan.
Published 11/16/21
It’s one of the most haunting murder cases you’ll ever hear about, and it takes place in a small town in Israel. Tair Rada was only 13-years-old when her body was found inside a locked bathroom stall. She was viciously murdered during a school day, and yet no one saw or heard a thing. The police arrested the janitor, Roman Zadorov, and he eventually confessed, but this was far from being the end of it. Based on the hit true-crime series from Netflix, the podcast "Shadow of Truth" will take...
Published 11/02/21
A brutal murder. A dubious confession. A search for answers.
Published 10/19/21
A small town cop is gunned down in a swamp in the summer of 2015. He quickly became a martyr in the national media, until a dogged investigator uncovered the officer's bizarre and dark past. When the truth comes out, the townspeople must reconcile betrayal, corruption and the secrets of an American hero. From Wondery, the makers of The Shrink Next Door and Dr. Death comes the third season of Over My Dead Body: Fox Lake. Listen to Over My Dead Body Fox Lake - wondery.fm/FL_TheDevilWithin See...
Published 10/11/21
A big Halloween party at an apartment complex in Redmond, Washington. Themed rooms and costumed partygoers. But by the end of the party, one of the hosts is dead. The police look to the partiers as the prime suspects: was it the guy in the devil mask, the bank robber, the construction worker? As investigators comb through forensic evidence, witness testimony, DNA, and even consult with a psychic, they zero in on one suspect in particular. But for what reason? Host and reporter Matthew Shaer...
Published 09/01/21
Welcome to Good Risings, a collection of mini-shows served up in less than 5 minutes, providing the perfect daily practice for anyone looking to curate a more intentional, mindful, and inspired start to their day.
Published 08/16/21
An interview with the writer/director.
Published 08/03/21
Th writer/director returns to the scene of the crime.
Published 07/27/21
Now we revisit the night in question, minute-by-minute, just like in episode one... only now we see things in a completely new light, and from a new perspective. Not from the point of view of law enforcement or his mother or his friend... but from Tommy’s point of view. We’ll understand what really happened, why it happened, and, most importantly, how it happened.
Published 07/20/21
Tommy returns to Clinton Road and witnesses a BLACK MASS and other rituals that he had only read about... read about in a book that was once owned by the late Richard Cross. Tommy decides to re-enact an ancient ritual from the book on the grounds of the long abandoned Cross estate. Innocent to what he had wrought but, the evil had been summoned just the same.
Published 07/13/21
Tommy and his new friend decide to see for themselves what lurks in the darkness on the edge of town... they’ve heard rumors about a coven of Satanists that worship in the deep woods of Clinton Road. And once that rumor is proven true, Tommy becomes obsessed. He wants more and his curiosity leads him to the shadow figure of Richard Cross, the original Occultist in the area from the turn of 20th. century, and Tommy’s obsession grows.
Published 07/06/21
We begin to recreate the timeline that lead up to Tommy’s horrific acts and search for the catalyst that set him on his path to oblivion. He meets a new friend and is influenced by a new teacher. Suddenly a new and devious world is opened up and Tommy is powerless to resist.
Published 06/29/21
In an attempt to find the truth, a truth that doesn’t involve the supernatural, we investigate other possible reasons Tommy may have snapped. In this episode we learn that Tommy was dedicated and successful athlete in a sport almost as mysterious as the occult: wrestling. Was the pressure of school, athletics and his religious demands enough to drive him over the edge?
Published 06/22/21
To understand the murders we need to understand where Tommy was spending his time, and that requires a deep into the mythology surrounding CLINTON ROAD, dubbed The Most Haunted Road in America by ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts the world over. This episode will also introduce a mysterious millionaire named RICHARD CROSS who, although dead for decades at the time of the incident, his influence on devil worshippers was hugely felt.
Published 06/15/21
We will hear from the current Mayor of Jefferson who was a rookie cop on the night in question. He will give some important perspective on how the community was affected by the violence and, more importantly, he will reveal what the police were told... and what the community wasn’t told.
Published 06/08/21