Paradise Lost
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We will hear from the current Mayor of Jefferson who was a rookie cop on the night in question. He will give some important perspective on how the community was affected by the violence and, more importantly, he will reveal what the police were told... and what the community wasn’t told.
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Th writer/director returns to the scene of the crime.
Published 07/27/21
Now we revisit the night in question, minute-by-minute, just like in episode one... only now we see things in a completely new light, and from a new perspective. Not from the point of view of law enforcement or his mother or his friend... but from Tommy’s point of view. We’ll understand what...
Published 06/01/21
Tommy returns to Clinton Road and witnesses a BLACK MASS and other rituals that he had only read about... read about in a book that was once owned by the late Richard Cross. Tommy decides to re-enact an ancient ritual from the book on the grounds of the long abandoned Cross estate. Innocent to...
Published 05/31/21