Building Custom Reports in GA4
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The sunsetting of Universal Analytics and the takeover of GA4 may of passed you by, and it's fair to say the new Google Analytics 4 differs greatly from the previous version we all knew and loved. Although there aren't as many reports in the new GA4 as in Universal Analytics, the power of GA4 is in its customisation and being able to understand key terminology is key to being able to understand your GA4 data. Join us in this episode of the Digital Marketing Podcast to delve into the potential of custom reports within GA4. If you want to take your GA4 learning further, we have an We also have a  in London this November, a packed two days of the latest insights, tools and strategies from globally renowned companies including Uber, Pinterest and HSBC.  Show notes -   Have feedback on the show? We really would love to hear from you. , tell us what you love and what you think could be better. And, if you are really enjoying the show, please 
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