Hey podcast fans!! It’s Tuesday afternoon and you know what that means?! Spence didnt have time over the weekend to edit, so we’re late!! Apologies once again, we’ll whip Spence into shape for the next episode, we promise! Anyways, back to the main event, Episode 4!! Already in our short podcasting careers we’ve spoken to […]
Published 03/23/10
Alright Chaps and Chapettes, It’s Monday afternoon again and you know what that means! The next installment of The Direct Hit podcast is ready to rock and roll and we have a special treat for all you tf2 fans this week with a great interview with an actual TF2 Legend. This week we caught up […]
Published 03/15/10
Sorry for the delay guys, but our 2nd and hopefully improved episode is now out! We’ve taken some of your Episode 1 comments onboard so fingers crossed that you like the changes. We’re still tweaking the way in which we record and edit the podcast so please bare with us! This week Swarley takes the […]
Published 03/08/10
The first of what will hopefully be many podcasts to come! This week, we discuss folding To listen to the first episode click HERE! Few shoutouts and dedications for this first podcast: wai – for recording the podcast 33 FakkelBrigade – for hosting the podcast 33 JimmyBreeze – The first TDHP fan 33 Keep an […]
Published 02/22/10