61. How Infrared Therapy Aids Overall Health
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1. Infrared Therapy Benefits: - Penetrates cells at a deeper level, providing pain relief and muscle relaxation. - Enhances circulation and oxygenation throughout the body. - Accelerates tissue repair, supports detoxification, and promotes skin health and rejuvenation. 2. Different Infrared Modalities: - Infrared sauna – offers numerous health benefits including improved cardiovascular function and joint flexibility. - Red light therapy – provides varying depths of penetration and is used for joint issues and overall wellness. - Laser therapy – utilizes warm red light to aid in healing and recovery from injuries. 3. Considerations for Usage: - Consult with a healthcare provider before using infrared therapy, especially for children. - When using infrared saunas for kids, start with low temperatures and short durations, gradually increasing over time. - Biomats are a safer modality for children due to their mild heat and comfort. Discover More: https://thediscoverydoc.com/tdd-links
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