Warning Signs | The Dungeon Run | The Broken Ring - Episode 1
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It's the premiere of our new Feywild mini-series, The Broken Ring! Rachel Seeley guides a disparate group of new characters into the land of fairies as they explore mysteries and encroaching dangers surrounding the Court of Queen Mab! But even in this strange and chaotic world, you may spot a familiar face or two... CAST Dungeon Master: Rachel Seeley @sunnyseeley Bosog "The Boot" Barboza: Jarred Kjack @kjackvo  Na'rel: Josephine McAdam @jcvim Allyrick Oleander: Ify Nwadiwe @ifynwadiwe   Sir Camden of the Green Path: Christoff Visscher @cantripcandles   Sponsors WORLD ANVIL - Get 40% OFF a yearly subscription to World Anvil's incredibly practical and extensive toolset for creating worlds, characters and writing stories for tabletop games and so much more! Use coupon code "TheDungeonRun" at checkout! https://worldanvil.com/?c=TheDungeonRun DIE HARD DICE - Get a discount on us when you buy anything from one of the best dice and tabletop accessory creators in all the land! Shop using the URL https://www.dieharddice.com/dungeonrun or use the code "DungeonRun" at checkout! _________________________________ WHERE TO FIND US JOIN US LIVE on Wednesday nights at 6:00 pm Pacific at http://twitch.tv/thedungeonrun VISIT OUR WEBSITE! https://thedungeonrun.tv/ SUPPORT THE SHOW! Now on Patreon, come see all the awesome perks available at http://patreon.com/thedungeonrun