Published 07/16/21
The lowly survivor of a burned down covenant attempts to explain how this mysterious fire came about... In the end, it was a classic case of Wizards, goats, libraries, and magic!
Published 07/02/21
The city of Clair De Lune bustles as it prepares for the highly regarded talent show at the Fête des Lumières du Saphir. Each bringing a unique skill, five strangers find themselves backstage in anticipation of their performance. In hopes of securing the sizable grand prize the stakes are high, and some talents are more dangerous than others...
Published 06/25/21
After a restless, and for some nightmarish, night of sleep, the HOB decide it’s time to leave the safety of Human Momma’s conclave in search of Brakka. With an agenda in hand and a growing sense of unease, the team reluctantly ventures to the one place Uggo does not want to go… The Underfury.
Published 06/18/21
Having arrived at the home of Uggo's surrogate mother, the Heroes of Bingle witness an emotional reunion between the Orc Barb-aladin and his "Human Momma." They also learn more about the nearby Orc kingdom of Thorn and its ruler Brakka; Uggo's brother, and what dark influences may be affecting area.
Published 06/11/21
Having escaped Olsvach and reached Level 10, the Heroes of Bingle find themselves traveling once again through a wilderness riddled with demons and other terrifying creatures. Armed with astounding new abilities, they discover all is not what it seems in this land from Uggo's past...
Published 06/04/21
Faced with an impossible decision, the Heroes of Bingle make their way back to the Achaierai only to find them in a desperate situation. As they fight to save the birds and themselves from dire consequences, it becomes clear that the city of Olsvach will not let them leave unscathed…
Published 05/28/21
The screws are tightening on the Heroes of Bingle in Olsvach, as guards put the entire city in lockdown hunting them. Tired and with few options, the team struggles with the decision to stay and fight back, or escape to live another day.
Published 05/21/21
Still divided in the harsh city of Olsvach, four of the Heroes of Bingle make a dash for their lives away from the Cheesemonger’s mansion and their brief run-in with the Ashen Mage. But Fahima is all alone, bound and without her magic! Will they reunite? Will they survive? How will their enemies respond? One thing is for sure… there will always be consequences.
Published 05/14/21
Join the TDR crew with special guest Satine Phoenix and Dungeon Master Amy Vorpahl as they dive into the D&D adventure KANDLEKEEP DEKONSTRUKTION from the new book "Candlekeep Mysteries!"   Six adventurers arrive at Candlekeep, the greatest library in the world, and soon find themselves drawn into a strange plot that defies all logic...
Published 04/30/21
With the party still split in two, the Heroes of Bingle realize that what was once a heist has now become a full blown rescue mission. While Fahima struggles to save herself from the shackles of the Cheesemonger, the rest of the group, worn and tired from a fight in the sewers, crafts a bold plan to save her…
Published 04/16/21
The Cheesemonger Heist is on! Well... sort of. The team arrives at the well-guarded estate in High Storona, but things quickly take a turn for the catastrophic as one team member finds themselves in dire straits. Can the Heroes of Bingle save their friend and steal the source of the Cheesemonger's power? Hope so!
Published 04/09/21
The Heroes of Bingle are back! In the cold and dangerous city of Olsvach, the team sets about their plan to infiltrate and steal a mysterious and powerful magic item from the mansion of a ruthless crime lord known as The Cheesemonger. But an encounter with a drunken guard takes an odd turn and... well, you know what they say about best laid plans...
Published 04/02/21
The Dungeon Run is back in action, and now live on TWITCH every Wednesday at 6PM PT / 9PM ET! Join the adventure this week as the Hero's of Bingle embark on an epic and dangerous heist.  twitch.tv/thedungeonrun LET THE DICE ROLL!
Published 03/29/21
The final episode of The Dungeon Run on Caffeine. Join Jarred, Jessica, Morgan, Ron, Katie, and Jeff as they look back on 77 episodes of adventure. Then, in the second half, the team takes their characters to level 20 for a “What if” battle in the clouds against some of D&D’s most formidable monsters. An episode of gratitude, fun, and hope for the future.
Published 01/14/21
The mean streets of Olsvach are an unlikely place for the Heroes of Bingle to learn about affection. But as they deal with Siv’s unruly old gang, Uggo tries to find the meaning of love, and the team must bury a friend and decide whether they’ll attempt a dangerous heist. 
Published 01/07/21
A special holiday episode! The team leaves behind the beautiful farmland of Tyf for the harsh cold of Siv’s hometown, Olsvach. Our favorite Tabaxi rogue is excited to show his friends the city where he grew up, but will reconnecting with his criminal past stir feelings that could change everything? What clues about the Warden quest are waiting for the Heroes of Bingle inside the bisected city?
Published 12/17/20
The Heroes of Bingle find themselves defending the lovable half-ling chef of Maracume Farms from some truly outlandish creatures. Monstrous frog demons? An enormous chicken with a serpent’s tail? How will they survive this bizarre battle in the orchard, and how does it connect to their quest to find the Wardens?
Published 12/10/20
A detour into the lush farmlands of Tyf has revealed a countryside under attack from bizarre, nightmarish creatures. Will the Heroes of Bingle be able to defend the half-lings that live there from the monsters destroying their homes? And even if they do, what will these abominations reveal about the true threat that has been unleashed?
Published 12/03/20
The five Heroes of Bingle are together once again! But with the Ashen Mage searching for them, and strange new monsters roaming the countryside, nothing seems safe. As they travel to Siv’s hometown of Olsvach, crossing the river may prove to be their toughest challenge. And what they find on the other side could reveal just how dire the situation has become.
Published 11/19/20
The Heroes of Bingle take a risky ride through the mountains in an underground rail cart in a desperate attempt to get closer to reaching their lost companion. But the Watchers of the Time Stream quickly make their presence known, turning this episode into one of the wildest yet. And just wait until you see what’s waiting for them on the train!
Published 11/12/20
After the emotional confrontation and in-fighting last week, the Heroes of Bingle must come together to make it back to Dalto Thum. What will they find waiting for them in the Dwarven stronghold? Then, how can Fahima survive the fallout of her incredible decision last week? What’s next for the fire genasi wizard when all seems lost?
Published 11/05/20
A special Halloween episode with the cast in costume! As the Heroes of Bingle continue to make their way off the erupting volcano, they come face-to-face a horrific new kind of monster! Then, Fahima endures her toughest challenge yet in the enemy’s lair, as she deals with the fallout of her attempt to deceive the Ashen Mage. Do not miss the pulse-pounding finale of this one!
Published 10/29/20
With Fahima in league with the Ashen Mage, the Heroes of Bingle are shattered and the show is broken in half. First, Fahima struggles with how much to trust her new environment, and whether to contact her father. Then, as the 4 remaining members of the team try to piece together all of the revelations of last week, the amulet’s magic has a surprise for them, nearly a year in the making.
Published 10/22/20