Episode 84: Achaierai or Die
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Faced with an impossible decision, the Heroes of Bingle make their way back to the Achaierai only to find them in a desperate situation. As they fight to save the birds and themselves from dire consequences, it becomes clear that the city of Olsvach will not let them leave unscathed…
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Published 07/16/21
The lowly survivor of a burned down covenant attempts to explain how this mysterious fire came about... In the end, it was a classic case of Wizards, goats, libraries, and magic!
Published 07/02/21
The city of Clair De Lune bustles as it prepares for the highly regarded talent show at the Fête des Lumières du Saphir. Each bringing a unique skill, five strangers find themselves backstage in anticipation of their performance. In hopes of securing the sizable grand prize the stakes are high,...
Published 06/25/21