Food Waste, how bad is it and what are we doing about it with Pete Pearson, Senior Director of Food Loss and Waste, of the World Wildlife Fund.
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Food Waste is one of the leading sources of greenhouse gas and a major problem in society. It’s the dirty little secret not many talk about. Pete Pearson, Senior Director of Food Loss and Waste at the World Wildlife Fund, sheds light on the contributing factors that cause the food waste, the side effects of over consumption, and the lack of an efficient production and distribution systems that would improve the way we grow, transport, and consume food. Learn how bad the food waste problem really is and what we need to do to build a more sustainable and circular economy to help solve the crisis. Thanks to our sponsors: Cascade Environmental, The Institute of Hazardous Materials Management, and E-Tank. #foodwaste #greenhousegas #wastemanagement #anaerobicdigestion #renewablenaturalgas #worldwildlifefoundation #circulareconomy #sustainability #naturalresources #curbsiderecycling #organicrecycling
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