[Diary of a Madman] ”Bye for Now” (Session Seven)
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  As word of Jenna's murder hits the papers, the Hunters start to wonder if Jodi is targeting Pasadena High School students on purpose. Meanwhile, they find themselves targeted by someone else: a certain Melanie Sweetwater of the Cheiron Group. Maybe Amistista's "Good Vibes Only" party this weekend will help them forget their troubles?   Featuring: Andrew as Annie Garcia Aliou as Chinedu "Ned" Woodley Nico as Ari Gregorian Patrick as Nick Graves   Thanks to all of our Patreon supporters for keeping us going all these years! http://www.patreon.com/esotericrpWant to chat with us on Discord? Head on over to the EoRP Inner Sanctum: https://discord.gg/suQp4JU3T
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Strangeness abounds during the final performance of The Wizard of Oz at NCBHS as the Darkest Self transformation of one of our monsters sets off a chain of events leading our foursome to turn their attention to a greater foe. LISTEN NOW! Lucien commands you!   Back us on Patreon for lots of bonus...
Published 06/17/24
A special duet session reveals what Lucien was up to when the rest of the monsters were in detention. We command you to listen IMMEDIATELY!    Back us on Patreon for lots of bonus content and an opportunity to game with members of the Order! https://www.patreon.com/esotericrp Want to chat with...
Published 06/10/24