[Monsterhearts] The Next Generation: Season Two, Episode 4.5
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Small, but mighty, this "mini-sode" packs in all the usual drama, grossness, and sexy monster mischief in a third of the usual time. Our monstrous teens turn to each other for solace, understanding, and sustenance. Stay out of the splash zone if you don't want to get wet!   And if you'd like to hear the check-in that preceded this session (referenced a couple times in the recording), be sure to hop on over to Patreon and back us at the Deacon tier or higher! https://www.patreon.com/esotericrp Want to chat with us on Discord? https://discord.gg/suQp4JU3Tj Featuring:David as "Autumn the Cerberus"Kenny as "Lucien the Vampire"Rainy as "Cora the Fae"Santiago as "Riley the Werewolf"
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Our monsters are moving closer to their target! Main character energy abounds during this special session as Cora, Riley, and Autumn get their own interludes, and our intrepid players also get to play their NPCs double-time. And none for Lucien Lucians, bye!   Back us on Patreon for lots of bonus...
Published 06/24/24
Strangeness abounds during the final performance of The Wizard of Oz at NCBHS as the Darkest Self transformation of one of our monsters sets off a chain of events leading our foursome to turn their attention to a greater foe. LISTEN NOW! Lucien commands you!   Back us on Patreon for lots of bonus...
Published 06/17/24