Published 12/17/10
Dr Luisa Dillner and India Knight join Miranda Sawyer to discuss mums in their 40s, unusual Christmas celebrations and author Lemn Sissay's playlist
Published 12/17/10
Miranda Sawyer is joined this month by the Guardian's Jon Henley and writer and performer Rachel Mars to discuss gay parents, James Ellroy's memoirs and the technology gap between parents and kids
Published 11/26/10
Miranda Sawyer is joined this month by the prize-winning author and former children's laureate Michael Morpurgo, veteran agony aunt Anna Raeburn and actor Simon Pegg
Published 10/29/10
Karen Mattison, the co-founder of Women Like Us, a company specialising in part-time recruitment for working mothers joins Miranda Sawyer in the studio
Published 10/01/10
Debunking the myth of the evil stepmother, inside a household helped by a male au pair, and Nitin Sawhney's family playlist
Published 08/27/10
How to make a mixed-faith marriage work, surviving a roadtrip with the kids, and comedian Angie Le Mar's family playlist
Published 07/30/10
Miranda Sawyer explores what effect atrocities like the Cumbria killings have on the family of the killer. Plus: she chats to Tony Parsons and Lauren Laverne
Published 06/25/10
In the light of Ed and David Miliband's head-to-head for the Labour leadership, Miranda Sawyer dicusses sibling rivalry with guests Will Hodgkinson and Sarah Tucker and delves into the secret evils of the playground
Published 05/29/10
Why have the leaders' wives been silent subordinates during the election campaign? How does your place in the family pecking order affect your life? And how do teenagers feel about their boyfriends or girlfriends meeting their parents? Miranda Sawyer finds out in this month's edition of the Family Podcast
Published 04/30/10
Comedian Josh Howie talks about living in the shadow of his mother, PR guru Lynne Franks. Plus, is it ever right to dress your children in designer clothes?
Published 03/26/10
Tim Dowling joins Miranda Sawyer to discuss the grandchildless, teenage DIY, and Mumsnet in the second instalment of the Family Podcast
Published 02/26/10
In the first edition of our new podcast, Miranda Sawyer talks about family life with Ed Balls, Alan Davies gives us his family music playlist, and we discuss why 8.25am is the most stressful time of the day
Published 01/29/10
Miranda Sawyer presents a preview of the new Family Podcast from the Guardian
Published 01/26/10