Fashion, Intentional Style and Mother Mary — with Meghan Ashley Sokolowski
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"We're human—we need tangible things to raise our eyes to heaven." A lot of Meghan Ashley Sokolowski's work is rooted in beauty. As a stylist for Catholic women, she has the opportunity to help women develop their personal style that is unique to them while also being modest and fun. Since clothes are a necessary part of our daily life, Meghan's goal is to make styling as easy as possible, and her hope is that when we can simplify that part of our lives, we can then put our energy towards things like deepening our prayer life. In this episode, Meghan shares the role her older sister played in her personal faith journey, what drew her to styling Catholic women, and her love of Mary—the ultimate style icon. Here are the show notes for this week's episode. You can learn more about the work that Meghan does as well as see some of her fabulous outfits by following her on Instagram, @meghanashleystyling and by checking out her website, Our theme music is by Theresa Ambat, and our cover art is by Mariel Pahayahay. Special thanks to Eleanor Wong for her help on this episode.
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