Rebuilding the Culture Through the Heart of Women — with Kiki Rocha
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** CW: In this episode, there is mention of sexual assault and sexual abuse. Please take care when listening. ** "I am convinced that when every single woman is able to encounter the God mission inside of her, there is nothing that will stop her from turning the world to Christ." Kiki Rocha is a fierce champion for human dignity and bringing the light of God to the world. As a survivor of many traumas endured in her life, she now finds herself on a mission to rebuild culture through the heart of women, and she does this through expanding their mindset and helping them find their unique God-mission. She desires for women to live fully alive and launch their dreams. In this episode, Kiki and I talk about her past work with The Culture Project, the strength and inspiration she draws from her mother, and the ways in which God uses her story as a vessel for light and joy in the world. Here are the show notes for this week's episode: We referenced a blog post that Kiki wrote for The Culture Project in this episode, and you can read it here: Follow Kiki Rocha on Instagram @kikiiithebrave for inspiration and resources! Our theme music is by Theresa Ambat, and our cover art is by Mariel Pahayahay.
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