S9 EP9 The truth about carbs
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Our guest today is Layne Norton - a self-proclaimed nerd who lifts heavy things, he has a BS in Biochemistry with honors and a PhD in Nutritional Sciences with honors. Since moving away from online coaching, Layne has focused on writing books (Fat Loss Forever, The Complete Contest Prep Guide, The Complete Reverse Dieting Guide), developing Carbon Diet Coach, a nutritional coaching app, and creating certification courses offered through the Clean Health Institute This episode covers: Low carb diets & weight lossInsulin resistance and carbohydratesContinuous glucose monitors - necessary?“Sugar causes inflammation”Oat milk and blood sugarSeed oils and plant-based m*lksArtificial sweeteners and the microbiomeIf you loved it you know what to do - leave us a review, a rating (hopefully 5 stars) and share it with someone you know will love it too.
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