S10 EP2 How hypnosis can help with healthy habit formation.
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In this episode Dr Hazel is joined by Dr. David Spiegel, Reveri's Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer. Dr Spiegel is a psychiatrist with more than 45 years of clinical and research experience studying stress, pain, sleep and hypnosis. He has written thirteen books, 404 scientific journal articles and 170 book chapters. He was educated at Harvard and Yale and now works at Stanford. This episode covers: What is hypnosis and how does it differ from stage hypnosis?What happens in the brain when we are hypnotizedHow some people are more hypnotizable than othersThe use of hypnosis in pain managementThe use of hypnosis with smoking and vaping cessationHow we use hypnosis to support health behaviours and positive habitsCautions and limitations of hypnosis To find out more about Reveri, please visit https://www.reveri.com/ Please note: it is not advisable to use hypnosis if you have psychosis or certain types of personality disorder, as it could make your condition worse. In the UK, hypnotherapists do not have to have any specific training by law. This means hypnotherapy can be offered by people with little training who are not health professionals. When looking for a private hypnotherapist please choose someone with a healthcare background – such as a doctor, psychologist or counsellor and check they're registered with an organisation that's accredited by the Professional Standards Authority
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