S2 E10 - The Food Medic Story
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The FINAL episode of SE2 of #TheFoodMedicPodcast On this episode Dr.Hazel is interviewed by her friend and presenter Chessie King. They chat about The Food Medic, when it started and why it started, balancing a busy schedule, and some of the most commonly asked medical questions (including how to know if you have a normal poo or not!) Let us know if you loved it by leaving a review and a 5 star rating.
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On this episode Dr Hazel is joined by registered dietitians Rosie Saunt and Helen West from The Rooted project. Rosie and Helen strive to be the most credible, non-judgemental and accessible source of nutrition information in the industry, drawing on the latest scientific thinking, at panel...
Published 08/13/19
Our guest today is ​Dr Nikki Stamp - an Australian trained cardiothoracic surgeon. Nikki is 1 of 11 female heart surgeons in Australia and is a sought after speaker for women in surgery and a participant of social media campaign #ILookLikeASurgeon. Her research includes mentoring and gender in...
Published 08/06/19
This week Dr. Hazel chats to Nadia Craddock who is a body image researcher and PhD candidate at the Centre for Appearance Research, based at the University of the West of England in Bristol. Nadia's research is centred around whether big business can foster positive body image through the lens of...
Published 07/30/19