My Dietitian Reveals the Health Issues That Were Holding Me Back
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I’ve shared about my health journey on my blog and on the podcast before, but I wanted to dive in deeper on one area that’s been so beneficial to me – nutrition. I’ve been working with Brigid Titgemeier, a functional medicine dietitian, and my learning with her has been absolutely amazing.  In this conversation, we’re going to explore her world of health and nutrition – how is a functional medicine dietitian different from others? What can happen when an entrepreneur ignores their health and nutrition? And I get a bit vulnerable about my own nutrition and what I’m learning with Brigid. Grab a green smoothie and let’s get down to it. ORDER MY FIRST BOOK: GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES:
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Published 10/03/22
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