Confession: I’m Burnt Out, Here’s Exactly What I’m Doing About It
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I’m a little nervous to admit this publicly but I’m burnt out. I think we’ve all been here before – and if you haven’t, you’re blessed. But the truth is, I’m burnt out. This isn’t something new for me, I’ve hit this point many times in my decade-long career, but this time it feels different. So in this episode, I’m sharing a few things I’m going through personally and how I think I got to this place… and I’m also going to talk about what I’m doing about it. Chances are, if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re likely going to face burn out on the journey, so let’s talk about exactly what I’m doing about it… and how you can do the same when you inevitably find yourself in this season, too. Goal Digger Facebook Community: Goal Digger Instagram: Goal Digger Show Notes:  Thanks to our Goal Digger Sponsors: Your home might be worth more than you think. Find out how much at! Visit for $50 off your first purchase of $100 or more!
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Published 05/22/24
Published 05/22/24
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