My 3 Most Unpopular Opinions About Business | 172
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I've been in business for 13 plus years now. I've run two online businesses over that decade and a half and boy, have I learned a lot. I have made a lot of mistakes. I've seen trends come and trends go. But the great thing about time is that it gives you an opportunity to form your beliefs, form your opinions on what really is true. And so I have come to find out that there are a few things that I believe about online business that are not very popular. In fact, they are so unpopular that I get made fun of. I get criticized for, or people just give me that glazed over look in their eyes. They're just totally confused. And as I have been compared to other online business gurus, I'm realizing we have totally different worldviews, totally different ways of going about things. What I thought I would do in today's episode is share the three most unpopular opinions in the hopes that you will at least hear them out and engage with them. My hope is not that you would believe me, but that you would choose to either agree with me or disagree and have your own reasons why let's discuss. In this episode you'll learn: What my unpopular opinions are and why they come across as such How these opinions came about and how they change my business for the better Why these are important issues for you to think about to grow your business Hope you enjoy!- Graham
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