Gratitude Instead Of Appologies - Amanda Elder
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Amanda Elder is a teacher turned stay-at-home mom, proficient in sword fighting and diaper changing. Amanda has a background in education and child development, but now stays home with her children and writes about them during nap times.  She blogs at and she contributes to numerous online publications like The Huffington’s Post, where I read an inspiring story that led to this interview.  We spoke about:  • Changing from “everything I do and need is an inconvenience” to a positively strong stance • Using gratitude to increase your confidence (in a way you most probably didn’t think about yet) • Apologies and gratitude, which one is more kind and polite actually, and what’s the effect they have on people  • Asking for a raise in a healthy way, being in a mindset of gratitude Not assuming the lower position in relationships and knowing your worth without apology
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