Episode #136: Increasing Your Happiness
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Dr. Thema describes the traits and behaviors that are associated with happier people. Coming home to yourself is not just about reducing distress but also enhancing your happiness. You are here for more than living stuck in survival mode. Preorder the Homecoming book by Dr. Thema Bryant today on amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Target today. Intro music: Iyeoka Outro music: Joy Jones
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Dr. Jaiya John, poet, psychologist, and freedom worker, joins us to discuss his new book "All these rivers. You chose love." In this episode he and Dr. Thema explore love, boundaries, ease, seeing our child nature, and grace. Check out his book everywhere books are sold including his website...
Published 03/27/23
Caution: If hearing about self-harming behaviors is upsetting or triggering for you, Dr. Thema encourages you to select a different episode instead of this one. Dr. Thema defines self-harming behaviors, including the reasons some people engage in them. She then provides alternative strategies for...
Published 03/20/23