Dr. Thema talks with therapist, author, and motivational speaker Dr. Marlon Rollins about his sister's death by suicide as well as ways to heal from and prevent suicide. We also explore his work supporting men's mental health.
Published 02/04/24
Dr. Thema speaks with life coach, minister, and author SharRon Jamison about "corporate grief" especially for persons with a marginalized identity. She defines the concept, describes the potential effects on our health, and provides strategies for holistic success. Dr. Thema illuminates the importance of self awareness and empowered decision making. Her website with her various offerings is sharronjamison.com.
Published 01/31/24
Dr. Thema interviews Harold Leffal, health promoter, author, and cancer survivor about his health journey and his desire to help others reclaim their health physically, mentally, and spiritually. Harold shares the important role that nutrition played in his recovery. You can follow him on Instagram at @haroldleffall or on his website which is www.thegoodlivingnow.com
Published 11/26/23
Dr. Thema explores liberation psychology and its importance to your homecoming journey. She provides principles and tips for you to apply to your mental health journey as a person with a marginalized identity.
Published 11/21/23
Dr. Thema speaks with Dr. Jennifer Mullan about how to decolonize your mental health and your emotions. Dr. Jenn shares highlights from her new book Decolonizing Therapy: Oppression, Historical Trauma, and Politicizing your Practice. Dr. Jenn birthed Decolonizing Therapy: a psychological evolution that weaves together political, ancestral, therapeutic and global well-being.
Published 11/05/23
Dr. Thema interviews Dr. Vanessa Abernathy about partner abuse, including the different types, effects, and strategies for healing. To learn more follow her on social media and check out her website www.meetmonarch.com
Published 11/01/23
Dr. Shena Young, a licensed body centered psychologist-healer, joins us to explain holistic healing from sexual trauma including decolonization, indigenous medicine, and body autonomy. She integrates embodiment, poetry, and psychological science. You can learn more about her and her work on her website embodiedtruthhhealing.com and in her new book body rites: a holistic healing and embodiment workbook for Black survivors of sexual trauma. https://www.embodiedtruthhealing.com/
Published 10/24/23
Dr. Thema speaks with Executive Coach Patrice Ford Lyn about being a leader. They discuss the qualities of a good leader, ways to handle those who are resistant to change, and unique challenges and solutions for leaders with historically excluded identities, including those who are BIPOC, Queer, and/or women. Intro music by Iyeoka and outro by Joy Jones.
Published 06/01/23
Dr. Thema interviews Pastor Mike Walrond Jr., senior Pastor, author, and mental health advocate about the path to authenticity. They discuss the definition, costs, benefits, and path to living a more authentic life. Intro by Iyeoka. Outro by Joy Jones.
Published 05/24/23
Dr. Thema interviews Dr. Jennifer Kelly, a past president of the Georgia Psychological Association and American Psychological Association. Dr. Kelly, a prominent healthy psychologist, provides an understanding of chronic pain and strategies for managing pain. She also gives pointers for loved ones of those living with chronic pain.
Published 05/15/23
Dr. Thema describes warning signs that your strong friend may be struggling and provides pointers for being a better friend to your strong friend.
Published 04/21/23
Dr. Jaiya John, poet, psychologist, and freedom worker, joins us to discuss his new book "All these rivers. You chose love." In this episode he and Dr. Thema explore love, boundaries, ease, seeing our child nature, and grace. Check out his book everywhere books are sold including his website www.jaiyajohn.com
Published 03/27/23
Caution: If hearing about self-harming behaviors is upsetting or triggering for you, Dr. Thema encourages you to select a different episode instead of this one. Dr. Thema defines self-harming behaviors, including the reasons some people engage in them. She then provides alternative strategies for coping and releasing emotional pain.
Published 03/20/23
Dr. Thema in conversation with Dr. Candice Nicole describes myths about sex and relationships. To learn more about Dr. Candice Nicole go to her website drcandicenicole.com Intro by Iyeoka and Outro by Joy Jones
Published 02/28/23
Dr. Thema describes strategies for grounding and soothing yourself, as well as the need for these strategies. To learn more, check out her book Homecoming. Intro music by Iyeoka and outro by Joy Jones.
Published 02/24/23
Dr. Thema shares signs of a healthy relationships. These have also been called green lights or green flags, as opposed to the warning signs of abusive relationships. To learn more, check out her book Homecoming. Intro music by Iyeoka and outro music by Joy Jones.
Published 02/15/23
Dr. Thema describes reasons for emotional reactivity and strategies for being less reactive. Dr. Thema provides cognitive, behavioral, mindful, and embodied strategies for shifting and slowing down. For more information, check out her book Homecoming. Intro music by Iyeoka and outro by Joy Jones.
Published 02/06/23
Dr. Thema describes sources of disappointment and ways to deal with it. To learn more, check out her book Homecoming which has been nominated by the NAACP for an award in Outstanding Literature. Intro music by Iyeoka and outro by Joy Jones.
Published 01/15/23
Kwanzaa is an African American celebration which focuses on seven African-inspired principles for living well. The principles are unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. Dr. Thema is joined for this special episode by her family: Bishop John Bryant, Rev. Cecelia Bryant, and Rev. Jamal Bryant as they describe the cultural, spiritual, and psychological significance of the principles.
Published 12/29/22
Dr. Thema gives key principles for cultivating a growth mindset. To learn more, check out Dr. Thema's book Homecoming. Intro music by Iyeoka and outro by Joy Jones.
Published 12/18/22
Dr. Thema describes ways you can become more emotionally mature. Emotional maturity benefits your life and your relationships. Intro by Iyeoka and outro by Joy Jones. To learn more, check out Dr. Thema's book Homecoming.
Published 11/15/22
Dr. Thema describes the barriers to motivation and provides specific strategies to get motivated or to stay motivated. To learn more, check out her book Homecoming wherever books are sold. Intro by Iyeoka and Outro by Joy Jones.
Published 10/26/22
Dr. Thema provides the definition, signs, and causes of underemployment and workplace dissatisfaction. She provides multiple strategies for coping with it. Intro by Iyeoka and Outro music by Joy Jones.
Published 10/06/22
Episode 168 : Bored in Your Relationship? by Dr. Thema
Published 09/27/22