Dr. Thema discusses the importance of shifting from dishonoring and judging ourselves to adopting self compassion. She provides insights on the value of self compassion and practical tips to enhance self compassion. To learn more, check out her new book Homecoming.
Published 05/16/22
Dr. Thema describes love which does not require convincing. She also provides important steps to releasing someone who doesn't love you. To learn more, check out her new book Homecoming.
Published 05/08/22
Dr. Thema describes the signs to look for if a formerly abusive person says they have changed. Whether you are considering continuing a relationship with a formerly abusive family member, friend, or romantic partner, it it important to recognize the signs and face the truth. For more information, check out Dr. Thema's new book Homecoming.
Published 05/03/22
Dr. Thema thanks you for your continued support of her new book Homecoming. In this episode, we explore the different types of rest and restoration. as well as the importance of shifting our approach from panic to sacred pause.
Published 04/26/22
Dr. Thema describes key aspects of being a safe space for your friends, family, and others that you care about. More information can be found in her new book Homecoming. Intro by Iyeoka. Outro by Joy Jones.
Published 04/19/22
Dr. Thema provides reflections and tips for parents/caretakers who have dreams or goals in addition to family life. Intro by Iyeoka. Outro by Joy Jones.
Published 04/10/22
Dr. Thema’s new book Homecoming, which is based on this podcast, is now the #1 new release in Clinical Psychology and the #3 new release in books on Post Traumatic Stress. This episode provides practical tips for improving your life. Intro music by Iyeoka. Outro music by Joy Jones.
Published 04/03/22
Dr. Thema thanks you for your support of her new book Homecoming: Overcome Fear and Trauma to Reclaim Your Whole Authentic Self. In this episode, she shares tips on disrupting negative thoughts you have about yourself. Intro music by Iyeoka. Outro music by Joy Jones.
Published 03/27/22
Dr. Thema thanks you for your support of her new book Homecoming which is now the #1 Audiobook in Clinical Psychology. In this episode, she shares important pointers for supporting a friend who is grieving. She includes practical do's and don'ts to being a good friend when someone is mourning.
Published 03/20/22
Dr. Thema's new book Homecoming will be released this week. You can get your copy at www.drthema.com/Homecoming. In this episode, Dr. Thema describes hypervigilance, its causes, and how to cope with it. Intro music by Iyeoka. Outro music by Joy Jones.
Published 03/14/22
Dr. Thema provides information for ordering her new book www.drthema.com/homecoming. In this episode Dr. Thema describes signs that a loved one is depressed, as well as important ways to show up for your loved one. Finally, Dr. Thema notes the importance of taking care of yourself and encouraging your loved one to consider professional support.
Published 03/06/22
Dr. Thema announces a gift for those who preorder her book Homecoming from any major bookstore. Access your gift by uploading your receipt at bit.ly/SpecialPreorderGifs In this episode, learn the importance of being collaborative instead of competitive. Dr. Thema describes specific strategies to being a good team player in work, school, and personal relationships.
Published 02/27/22
Dr. Thema describes strategies for breaking out of cycles and patterns, whether in your thinking, actions, or relational style. The Homecoming Book inspired by the Homecoming Podcast is now available for pre-order. In the U.S. check out independent books, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or Target. Outside of the U.S. check with book depository to see if they deliver to your country. Thank you for your support. Episode music by Iyeoka and Joy Jones.
Published 02/20/22
Dr. Thema announces her soon to be released book based on the podcast . It's entitled Homecoming: Overcome Fear and Trauma To Reclaim Your Whole, Authentic Self. Listeners in the US can preorder it now with any major online bookstore. In this episode, she shares why people sometimes present a false self and how to begin living more authentically.
Published 02/13/22
Dr. Thema describes the traits and behaviors that are associated with happier people. Coming home to yourself is not just about reducing distress but also enhancing your happiness. You are here for more than living stuck in survival mode. Preorder the Homecoming book by Dr. Thema Bryant today on amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Target today. Intro music: Iyeoka Outro music: Joy Jones
Published 02/06/22
Dr. Thema describes signs of emotional spiritual and religious abuse and provides steps for healing and recovering. Intro by Iyeoka. Outro music by Joy Jones. Don't forget to vote for Homecoming under the podcast category at vote.naacpimageawards.net
Published 01/30/22
Dr. Thema shares that "Homecoming" is nominated for a NAACP Image Award in the podcast category. Please vote this week at vote.naacpimageawards.net There is one vote allowed per email address. Today's episode explores reasons we overextend ourselves, the harm this does, and the importance of knowing we are enough. Intro music by Iyeoka and outro by Joy Jones. Episode Upload - Track 1
Published 01/23/22
Dr. Thema describes unbalanced relationships and potential reasons for the imbalance. She provides tips for recovering after the relationship/situation ends as well as pointers for those who are still in the unbalanced relationship. Intro music by Iyeoka and Outro by Joy Jones.
Published 01/16/22
Dr. Thema describes the impact of wounds and the reasons some people will not apologize. She then describes the necessity and pathway to healing even when an apology does not come. Intro music by Iyeoka. Outro music by Joy Jones.
Published 01/09/22
Dr. Thema describes the dynamics and intentions of manipulation with a special focus on gaslighting. She then provides strategies for responding to it. Intro music by Iyeoka. Outro music by Joy Jones.
Published 01/03/22
Dr. Thema describes some of the major causes of procrastination and ways to combat them so you can show up more fully for your life in the present. Intro music by Iyeoka and Outro music by Joy Jones.
Published 12/26/21
Dr. Thema explores the reasons many of us stop dreaming and hoping and then explains the importance of reclaiming our capacity to dream big again. She provides important steps you can take to begin coming home to yourself, including your dreams of living an abundant life.
Published 12/20/21
Notes Dr. Thema describes the pathways that can lead to harshness and the cost of being stuck there. She explains the power of gentleness and provides concrete strategies for cultivating it.
Published 12/12/21
Dealing with Difficult People by Dr. Thema
Published 12/05/21
Dr. Thema provides information on the challenges and benefits of boundary setting as well as the different types of boundaries for you to consider.
Published 11/28/21