The Plant Free MD Series | Episode 15 | The Environmental Impact Of Eating Meat
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We know meat and animal products are the most nutritious foods on the planet but, how does meat consumption affect the environment? If you listen to the mainstream media you’ll hear that the meat industry is causing devastating climate change. However, the reality is that cows (and all animals) are a cru cial part of the biodiversity of nature and when you remove them from the incredibly complex world of nature you do more damage than good. If done in a certain way, farming animals can regenerate the land and improve the environment for all of us. We encourage you to look past the headlines and do your own research. No one person has all the answers and that includes Dr. Chaffee and myself! About Anthony Chaffee MD: Anthony Chaffee MD is a surgeon, nutritional researcher and former professional rugby player. He’s been a strict carnivore (meat, salt & water only) for three years and has eaten a meat-based diet for 25 years. He’s on a mission to help people overcome diabetes, dementia, Crohn’s disease, mental health issues and more with a carnivore diet. Want support every step of the way on your carnivore journey to fat loss, muscle gain and endless energy? Become part of the How To Carnivore Inner Circle and join a group of likeminded people on the same mission for better health. Find out more here:
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