Jordan Potts The Conscious Carnivore
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Jordan is an inspiring guy; business owner, athlete, new father and now the Conscious Carnivore.  Like many of us, Jordan was lost in his late teens and early 20s. Drugs, alcohol, obesity, broken home, no purpose, anger, the list goes on. Since then Jordan’s turned his life around to become a leader and an excellent role model, particularly for young men. Jordan’s mission is to help others live a life of health, energy and happiness. He’s been doing this for a number of years through his gym but recently he’s decided to double down on the thing that’s helped him through his struggles the most, carnivore. Carnivore has helped Jordan calm his mind, get jacked and develop rock solid mental health.  Jordan is an inspiration and he brings the energy! You’re going to love this one. Follow Jordan on Instagram: The easiest way to stay carnivore when you’re away from home is by keeping a Carnivore Bar in your handbag, pocket or car at all times. Zero carbs, zero crap, just meat! Get 10% off with the code HTC10
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