The Plant Free MD Series | Episode 22 | Nutrition For Epilepsy Sufferers
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The ketogenic diet has been used as an effective treatment for epilepsy for over 90 years. It’s been proven to drastically reduce the amount of seizures suffered and completely eliminate them. On a carnivore diet the results are even better. If you know someone suffering from epilepsy send them this, if they’re open to trying a natural treatment with proven results it just might save their life. About Anthony Chaffee MD: Surgeon, nutritional researcher and former professional rugby player, Anthony’s been a strict carnivore (meat, salt & water only) for three years and has eaten a meat-based diet for 25 years. He’s on a mission to help people overcome diabetes, dementia, Crohn’s disease, mental health issues and more with a carnivore diet. Opportunity to join the 30 Day Carnivore Challenge: Want faster fat loss, more muscle growth and endless energy, guaranteed? The 30 Day Carnivore Challenge is a proven system for smashing your goals in (you guessed it) only 30 days without putting up with side effects like diarrhea and keto flu. Instead, do it the easy way with personal support from Anthony, Simon and others on the same journey.  With us by your side you will not fail! Head to to find out more. Wanna try The Carnivore Bar? Get 10% off with the code HTC10, click here
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