Two Teenagers Thriving On Carnivore
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Daniel and Ed are two young guys who’ve discovered carnivore and healed themselves, now they’re hell bent on helping others heal too. We discuss: What the world would look like if more teenagers went carnivore Why you need to eat more to lose body fat Testosterone myths and truths Skincare, deodorant and shampoo for carnivores Overcoming depression, obesity, severe acne and more If you know a young person struggling with their health send them this recording. It's not an exaggeration to say it might save their life. Follow the lads from Carnivore Vitality on Instagram here: And here's their YouTube channel: Want to go strict carnivore (meat, salt and water only) for 30 days? You’re invited to join Dr. Chaffee’s 30 Day Carnivore Challenge! Find out more here:
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Published 01/29/23
In this conversation Dr. Chaffee and Simon chat with Serena about her carnivore journey including how she achieved sustained fat loss for the first time in her life. After gaining weight on carnivore for her first few months she realised she wasn't giving her body the nutrition it needs. Serena...
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