Giuseppe Castellano talks to award-winning illustrator, Yas Imamura, about how establishing a stationary shop led her to a children’s book career; why it is a mistake to paint all publishers with the same brush; why it’s a good idea for artists to create in different ways; and more.
Published 02/20/24
Giuseppe Castellano talks to award-winning children’s book creator and co-founder of The Good Ship Illustration, Helen Stephens, about the rules she ignored in the early days of her career; why “have fun” might be the most no-nonsense piece of advice illustrators will ever hear; why an illustrator’s work should not be called “imaginative”; and more.
Published 02/14/24
Giuseppe Castellano talks to Nathaniel Mell, Founder and CEO of Felt+Fat, about the founding of his Philadelphia-based ceramic design studio; what “working hard” really means for artists; why demand for hand-made art and craft is as hot as ever; and more.
Published 02/06/24
Giuseppe Castellano talks to Artist and Caldecott Honor-winner, Mary GrandPré, about why she got into and out of a career in illustration; what she likes most about her art for Harry Potter; why it’s important for artists to keep exploring; and more.
Published 01/30/24
Giuseppe Castellano talks to Paper Cut and Silhouette Artist and Award-winning Illustrator, Janelle Washington, about the unexpected, multi-award winning beginning of her children’s book career; why she literary bleeds for her art; what she’s learned, through cut paper, about mental health; and more.
Published 01/23/24
Giuseppe Castellano talks to Holly Hoover, Art Director at Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, about what she looks for in an illustrator’s portfolio; why an illustrator would decline a publisher’s book offer; how to have a positive art director/illustrator relationship; and more.
Published 01/16/24
Giuseppe Castellano talks to Sara Frazetta, co-founder of Frazetta Girls, and granddaughter of Frank Frazetta, about her relationship with her grandpa; what Frazetta influenced, and who influenced him; what illustrators today can learn from Frazetta; and more.
Published 01/09/24
Giuseppe Castellano talks to New Yorker Writer, Cartoonist, and Visual Journalist, Liza Donnelly, about her early days as a cartoonist; what James Thurber has meant to her, personally and professionally; how illustration—cartoons or otherwise—is the greatest form of communication; and more.
Published 01/02/24
Giuseppe Castellano talks to Erica Rand Silverman, Senior Literary Agent at Stimola Literary Studio, about what she expects from a creative for a positive working relationship; and what it means to approach one’s art from a place of play. She also answers questions from podcast patrons about creating a book dummy; and more.
Published 12/26/23
Giuseppe Castellano talks to Stephanie Alexander-Jinks, co-owner and agent at The Artworks Illustration Agency, about Stephanie’s transition from illustrator to agent; what stands out to her—positively and negatively—in portfolios; what illustrators can do to increase their chances for success; and more.
Published 12/19/23
Giuseppe Castellano talks to illustrator and author, Craig Frazier, about Craig’s newest monograph, Drawn, and what he hopes the book can do for illustrators; how our time is precious—especially with the ones we love; what illustrators can do that AI and its prompters can never do; and more.
Published 12/12/23
Giuseppe Castellano talks to illustrator and author, Don Tate, about the reasons Black children’s book illustrators, historically, chose to or had to illustrate representationally; why physical fitness is vital for active creativity; why illustrators don’t have to draw every day; and more.
Published 12/05/23
Giuseppe Castellano talks to Vanessa Dina, Design Director at Chronicle Books, about some of Chronicle’s historical milestones, including how the iconic glasses logo came to be; how she finds and works with illustrators; why emailing art directors is easier than some illustrators think; and more.
Published 11/28/23
Giuseppe Castellano talks to Stephanie Plunkett, Chief Curator at The Norman Rockwell Museum, Annie Lionni, granddaughter of Leo Lionni, Leonard Marcus, children’s book historian, and Steven Heller, design historian, about how and why they curated Between Worlds: The Art and Design of Leo Lionni; what Lionni was like outside of his work; what creatives today can learn from Lionni’s work and life; and more.
Published 11/21/23
Giuseppe Castellano talks to Janine Le, founder and agent at Janine Le Literary Agency, about how she became a literary agent; how the process of querying agents is far from ideal; what illustrators should do if they’re struggling to find an agent; and more.
Published 11/14/23
Giuseppe Castellano talks to Caldecott Medal-winning illustrator and author, Matthew Cordell, about why it took some persuading for Matthew to embark on a career in children’s books; why he was thinking about his father on the night of his Caldecott acceptance speech; why it’s okay if your illustrations are a little rough around the edges; and more.
Published 11/07/23
Giuseppe Castellano talks to #1 New York Times bestselling author and illustrator, Tony DiTerlizzi about how Dungeons & Dragons helped him along his journey as a professional creative; how other artists and illustrators guided his visual voice; why—no matter what challenge you face—you have to keep rolling the dice; and more.
Published 10/31/23
Giuseppe Castellano talks to Manchester’s best known illustrator, Stanley Chow, about how fan art and Myspace helped kickstart his career; what challenges illustrators can face when raising a family; what it feels like to have your work criticized by a future President; and more.
Published 10/24/23
Giuseppe Castellano talks to cartoonist, Julia Wertz about why illustrators should take themselves, but not their work, a little less seriously; why quitting isn’t necessarily a bad thing; why now is the time to spend less time on social media; and more.
Published 10/17/23
Giuseppe Castellano talks to Caldecott Medalist and Sibert Honoree, Jason Chin about the life and work of Trina Schart Hyman, and how she mentored Jason; how trusting others—and yourself—is vital for illustrators; why it’s a good idea for any creative to branch out and risk a little failure; and more.
Published 10/10/23
Giuseppe Castellano talks to Paige Braddock, Chief Creative Officer at Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates, about the life and work of Charles Schulz, and what he was like as her mentor; what Schulz would have likely said about efforts today to ban and censor children’s books; why illustrators should be more detail-oriented; and more.
Published 10/03/23
Giuseppe Castellano talks to award-winning, Hall of Fame illustrator, Brad Holland about the early days of Brad’s fifty-plus-year career; how he found bits and pieces of himself, artistically speaking; how he helped bring about the modern-day approach to editorial illustration; why his days as a supervisor at Hallmark taught him that “everything turns into a bunny sooner or later”; and more.
Published 09/26/23
Giuseppe Castellano talks to award-winning illustrator and author, Fred Blunt about why being “cartoony” is a good thing; how illustrators can know their style—cartoony or not—is theirs; what we can learn about the life and work of the great Ronald Searle; and more.
Published 09/19/23
Giuseppe Castellano talks to cartoonist and illustrator, Robb Mommaerts, about why he still feels like an imposter; why illustrators should think a little less when creating art; how illustrators can draw things they’re too afraid to draw; and more.
Published 09/12/23