#53: "Am I Dying?!" Health Paranoia & Why Your Inner Child Is Behind It
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Hey, hypochondriacs! Does feelings "weird things" in your body send you down a WebMD rabbit-hole panic and you're convinced you're going to die? And why does health paranoia and obsessiveness get worse at certain times of your life?  Listen closely as I share the Inner Child roots of where this anxious thinking comes from, my own personal story of overcoming it, and a Call-To-Action at the end on how to get over it too! **Get on the waitlist for $100 off the first annual Heal Your Inner Child LIVE (my 2-week epic transformation program this summer!): bygloriazhang.com/waitlist  Episode Highlights: What hypochondria is, where it comes from and what to do about itHow I used to struggle with paranoia of going blind, and the root cause of it coming from my childhoodUnderstanding the tricky dance between whether to take a break OR push through to get outside your comfort zoneCall to Action:  Some practical tips on how to feel more comfortable and in control of your body Want even More? Apply to join my Soulmate program for High-Achievers: bygloriazhang.com/soulmate.Follow Gloria on Instagram for helpful tips: @bygloriazhangGet on the waitlist for my 2-week virtual event: Heal Your Inner Child, Live: bygloriazhang.com/waitlist
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