#54: Can Anxious and Avoidant Relationships Really (Honestly) Work?
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Can Anxiously-Attached and Avoidantly-Attached people really (1000% honestly)  work in a relationship together?   I've avoided talking about this for a long time, because I realized that a lot of people aren't going to like my answer. But in today's episode, I'm ripping the band-aid off and  giving you my full, honest, unfiltered opinion on the reality of this pairing based on my experience as a professional, as well as what you can do if you find yourself in an anxious-avoidant bond.  **Join my FREE live workshop (LIMITED SPOTS) to Learn How To END Toxic Love, And Attract Your First Secure Relationship (EVEN if you have emotional baggage or never had a healthy relationship before!)** >> bygloriazhang.com/waitlist Episode Highlights: Why do Anxious and Avoidant people attract each other?The common pitfalls of anxious-avoidant relationshipsCan it really work?  My blunt and honest answer of when it can or can't work.What YOU can do, if you're the Anxious or Avoidant one, to begin your journey into Secure AttachmentMy philosophy on what the foundations of a lasting relationship should be built onThe tales of my "bubble gun side hustle" story and the important lessons here on finding the right, compatible match for youLimited spots in my free workshop to learn how to attract a compatible match for you – click the link to save your seat: bygloriazhang.com/waitlist Want even More? Follow Gloria on Instagram for helpful tips: @bygloriazhangJoin my FREE workshop - How to Attract and Keep Your First Secure Relationship: bygloriazhang.com/workshop
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