#55: How Amanda Attracted Her First Secure Relationship in 5 Months
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Imagine breaking decades of toxic patterns... In just 5 months. Today's Client Spotlight Amanda attracted her first Secure Relationship in just 5 months, right before her 40th birthday. Amanda is a successful lawyer who has been a serial monogamist for years, had a divorce under her belt, and had a history of codependent relationships. Curious to know how she did it? Listen in as she talks about the toxic patterns she overcame while struggling with relationships for almost 39 years, how our Soulmate Program turned her life around, some hilarious behind-the-scenes analogies and more! **Why Do Some Women Easily Attract Extraordinary Relationships... And Others Struggle?** Register for my FREE workshop The Lovable Woman, and learn my 3-step process of how to create healthy, high-quality relationships: ➡️ bygloriazhang.com/workshop Episode Highlights: Amanda’s life before joining our Soulmate program and why she decided to finally work on her healingToxic patterns and why it’s almost like a never-ending cycle if you don’t put in the workAmanda’s biggest wins in the Soulmate program Why inner child healing is almost working on an addiction – community support and accountability How Amanda broke free from what’s familiar and accepted being uncomfortable to fully heal her inner childHow Amanda went from being a serial monogamist divorcee to attracting her first secure relationship in just 5 MONTHS!What does healthy love feel like? Gloria and Amanda share their thoughts!Amanda’s advice for people who are still "dabbling" in doing the inner work Want even More? Ready to transform? Join my acclaimed 12-week course for women who want to attract Extraordinary, High-Quality relationships: Situationship to Soulmate.Follow Gloria on Instagram for helpful tips: @bygloriazhangRegister for my FREE workshop The Lovable Woman
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