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Fashion Designer Charlie May has escaped city life and gone back to her roots as a West Country farmer. Join her each week as she learns the basics of living sustainably, grows her own fruit, veg and wine, delves into her family’s history and comes up with alarmingly ambitious plans to modernise...
Published 07/20/21
Pax Fortuna is an adventure-comedy roleplaying podcast set in the fantastical merchant republic of Fortuna, brought to you by the creators of THE INFINITE BAD. The series begins this July! Early access is available for $5 patrons on patreon.com/definitelyhuman. Subscribe now and hear the first...
Published 02/03/19
David and David review McVitie's Gold Bar and come to a surprising conclusion about what the future might hold for them and IWGBRP. Get an extra 30mins of David and David discussing what's been chocolate topped and what's been a soggy biscuit for them this week...
Published 02/12/18