"Oy Vey, Don't Tell Me" with Laura Jeser and David Fuks
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In this special episode, host Rockne Roll is joined by panelists Laura Jeser and David Fuks for a public radio-inspired Purim party. Check out all of Portland's Purim happenings at jewishportland.org/purim. David Fuks appears in Mask and Mirror Community Theater's "Inherit The Wind" through Mar. 17 - tickets at maskandmirror.com. His latest work, “True Life – A Shooter’s Story,” will appear at Portland's Fertile Ground Festival in April - tickets at fertilegroundpdx.org. Mar. 17 is Super Sunday, the biggest day of the year for the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland's annual Campaign for Community Needs. Answer the call to support Jewish life in Portland or donate now at jewishportland.org/give.
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