Host Rockne Roll talks to Jewish Free Loan of Oregon chair Les Gutfreund about the Torah's edict to lend without interest and how that has manifested as Jewish Free Loan programs in Portland and elsewhere. Learn more about Jewish Free Loan of Oregon at jewishportland.org/ourcommunity/jewish-free-loan. Nominate a deserving Jewish professional in Portland for the 2024 Laurie Rogoway Outstanding Jewish Professional Award at jewishportland.org/rogoway.
Published 02/14/24
Published 02/14/24
On this episode, host Rockne Roll chats with a delegation from Sharaka. With a name that means "partnership" in Arabic, Sharaka works to promote the Abraham Accords treaties as a model for a peaceful, prosperous Middle East. In part one, Ahmed Khuzaie, Naveen Elias and Dan Feferman discuss the political situation in the region. Later, Fatima Al Harbi and Youssef Elazhari talk about how social media affects perceptions within the Arab world. Read more about Sharaka's visit to Portland as part...
Published 01/31/24
Host Rockne Roll discusses the New Year of the Trees with arborist and Moishe Pod West PDX co-leader David Stein. They dig into the origins of Tu B'Shevat and the opportunity to slow down and connect with nature. Check out David and his cousin, Sam, on Instagram at @moishepodwestpdx Need an arborist? Contact David's Tranquility Tree Care at [email protected].
Published 01/17/24
On this second of a two-part series about Antisemitism in post-Oct. 7 Oregon, host Rockne Roll chats with the executive directors of Oregon's Hillel chapters; Andy Gitelson of Oregon Hillel and Hannah Sherman from Greater Portland Hillel. Oregon Hillel serves the University of Oregon in Eugene and Oregon State University in Corvallis. Learn more at oregonhillel.org. Greater Portland Hillel serves campuses throughout the Portland area, including Lewis and Clark College and Portland State...
Published 01/03/24
Host Rockne Roll explores the onslaught of antisemitism with Bob Horenstein and Rachel Nelson from the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland. This is the first of a two-part series on antisemitism. Email Horenstein at [email protected] Email Nelson at [email protected] Learn more about the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's Working Definition of Antisemitism here.
Published 12/13/23
On this episode, host Rockne Roll talks latkes (and more) with chef and writer Sonya Sanford, author of "Braids: Recipes from my Pacific Northwest Jewish kitchen." Sanford discusses her ideal latke, new twists on Chanukah's classic tastes and how cooking connects her with her Jewish roots. Pre-order "Braids" online at sonyasanford.com/book. Read about "Braids" in the Oct. 18 edition of The Jewish Review at jewishportland.org/jewishreview/jr-stories/braids-a-lifelong-dream-for-sanford
Published 11/29/23
Host Rockne Roll talks with Portland's Jewish Community Chaplain, Rabbi Barry Cohen, about how loss and tragedy affects us and the importance of community and hope in difficult times. Rabbi Cohen's recent columns in The Jewish Review: "A time to embrace nuance" - from the Nov. 1, 2023 issue: https://jewishportland.org/jewishreview/jr-stories/embrace-nuance "An antidote to spiritual fatigue" from the Nov. 15, 2023 issue:...
Published 11/15/23
On this episode, host Rockne Roll talks with Aaron Henne, artistic director of theatre dybbuk. Based in Los Angeles, theatre dybbuk takes a unique approach to developing theatre, creative workshops and leadership training through a Jewish lens. Learn more about their work at theatredybbuk.org. Subscribe to The Jewish Review for FREE at jewishportland.org/subscribe. Questions, comments, or suggestions? Email [email protected]
Published 11/01/23
On this episode, host Rockne Roll talks with Dr. Rick Hodes, the Medical Director in Ethiopia for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. Dr. Hodes has changed countless lives in Ethiopia, treating scores of the world's worst spinal deformities. This conversation, recorded in September, is presented in hope of being an inspiration in challenging times. Learn more about JDC's work in over 70 countries at JDC.org. More about Dr. Hodes can be found at rickhodes.org.
Published 10/18/23
On a holiday episode of The Jewish Review Podcast, host Rockne Roll talks with Scott McKinley, a prolific sukkah builder in Portland, about what makes his sukkot unique and what makes the holiday special for him. Hebrew words used in this episode: teshuvah - lit. "returning," often meaning repentance but also describing those coming into Judaism; sukkah - "booth" or "hut;" sukkot - the plural of sukkah, also the name of the seven-day festival in which Jews dwell in such structures.
Published 10/04/23
On the very first Jewish Review Podcast, host Rockne Roll talks with Julie Platt, the board chair for the Jewish Federations of North America, about her family legacy in Jewish communal work, her favorite parts of the High Holidays, and having a family in show business. Hebrew words in this episode: shloshim -The 30-day period of mourning following the death of a close family member. simcha - literally "happiness," it also refers to celebration. Pesach - Passover.
Published 09/19/23